Micro cool open mirror war list meng, the first leading warm sun and he so much!It was Beimu

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Micro cool as the new king of the wild these seasons are very good performance, this season is also early accounted for the peak of the pre-game ten quota, but micro cool in the heroic battle force has always been beyond a strong rival.Recently micro cool open mirror war force list meng, the first person actually ahead of their own warm sun so much, a careful look turned out to be Beimu.Micro cool and North Mu are playing wild genius, if the micro cool is the new wild king then North Mu is the old wild king.In the S23 season when Beimu and just “debut” of the micro cool competition over the top of the list, it is interesting that Beimu in the row to the micro cool is basically micro cool win, which caused a lot of people, have thought that the micro cool is stronger than Beimu, but the final list is the first peak of beimu.In fact, if the micro cool and Beimu on the game, who will win it is not easy to say.Both are playing wild talent, hero pool is also very similar, each season between the two points are not big gap, but there is a slight cool temporarily difficult to surpass Beimu, that is the mirror of war.Recently micro cool in the open mirror when the list found that North Mu actually lead their warm sun so many points.North Mu is the most good at should be Luna, currently North Muluna 2W3 war ranked the first, and followed by the micro cool, the difference between the two of the war is also more than 100.And mirror still north Mu ranking first, slightly cool second, but north Mu unexpectedly led the slightly cool nearly seven hundred of war, to know that slightly cool and the third warm Yang two people also only twelve o ‘clock spacing.To know the micro cool is the best at luna and mirror, and north Mu is the best at Luna and mirror, the two heroes in the battle power list north Mu are leading the micro cool, visible north Mu strength in the end how strong.But micro cool himself is not too concerned about the hero war, especially the division, he prefers the actual match, so micro cool will join the god chicken camp to participate in the various platform cup.As a professional player, Nuanyang’s strength is absolutely beyond doubt. As long as there is enough time, I believe that his score of field fighting ability will not be weaker than that of any anchor.However, KPL has been extremely busy recently. The Challenger Cup came just a few days after last autumn competition, and this spring competition will also be launched in succession. Therefore, it may be hard for Warm Sun to compete for the mirror.Personal opinion: cool and north for two people play wild because we are all geniuses, and two people’s hero pool compare like so often you very much, especially the luna and mirror are the two best hero, if two people crash the game, really is not to say who is winning, but if single see hero warfare north mu had an edge on cool, especially the mirror.