Focus on Shandong Province 2022 work Mobilization Meeting | Changyi: 45 major and key projects will be started

2022-05-05 0 By

On the afternoon of February 11, the spring groundbreaking ceremony of 2022 major key projects in Changyi city was held.Weifang kaisheng new materials co., LTD., with annual capacity of 10000 tons of high-performance materials industrial integration project 45 focus on key projects such as construction, the project total investment 27.43 billion yuan, covers the new energy and new materials, modern agriculture, modern logistics, the people’s livelihood security and other fields, climaxing in the New Year the elevated pressure, cohesion, breakthrough “gun”, to promote the development of high quality in the first quarter”Door red “pull” the whole year red “, boost the construction of a new era of modernization of the new Changyi work in an all-round way.Since this year, changyi city adheres to command the overall situation of development of project construction, to breakthrough on projects, promoting the ascension with project, project strength, in the safeguard mechanism, layout planning, platform in out unreal hard on strategy, innovation practice “led package and class to follow up, the joint conference and a line of engines, regularly scheduled, inspector notified” six mechanism, in the spirit of “the bartender” for the projectSet to provide accurate service;Reserve 83 “top ten” industrial projects and plan 177 municipal key projects, 10 of which are selected as major key projects of 2022 province;Using information technology means such as large data, exploring changyi city major projects to promote the service platform, strive to achieve and level 3 major project management and the real-time data analysis, visualization, and set up new bridge for promoting the development of the project construction, the service enterprise, further enhance the support of major key projects, for the project construction and enterprise development to create more favorable business environment,Promote the early start of projects, speed up construction, as soon as possible.