Chen Ze Xi hammer Yanxu Jia romance, expressed support yanxu Jia, net friend: less worry

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Not long ago, Chen Zexi, a former member of THE X Nine Youth Group, posted on social media that he thought a relationship was between two people, and outsiders should not judge it because they only see it on the surface.It was later deleted and reissued with a more euphemistic, seemingly meaningless sentence, cutting the long article.After the netizens see, is really a whole shocked, this is not the side of yanxu Jia’s relationship, the original two people have not responded, may want to respond to the copy, now directly stone hammer, do not know yanxu Jia is now what kind of mood?Chen Zexi said, I think yanxu this person is very good, in terms of feelings, there is no problem, also said that he is to support him.But his post was a bit weird, in case anyone knew the truth about Yanjia’s relationship, which prompted many netizens to think of the truth about his quitting the group and want him to shut up.The netizens who know him probably also know that he was a member of X Jiujiu youth Group before, and Yanxu Jia made his debut in the same program, and became a teammate.At that time, he was relatively famous in the group, and many netizens liked him. However, in the process of slowly rising, he was exposed to bad things, and then he quit the group. After that, his development fell off a cliff.He was good in the eyes of netizens, but his teammates seemed to know his habits and didn’t get on well with him.There was no heat after his exit, but every time there was a big event, he would come out and bubble and soak up some heat, and this was a sign of that, a kind of admission of love in disguise.Yanxu jia has not responded to this matter, but it should be close to ten, from many details, the truth is what we suspect.Zhang zifeng was photographed with a very special case on her mobile phone, but this time the girl is using the same type of case. It is reported that the case is unique.Girls wear clothes, walking posture, from a variety of sister can be seen the shadow, it seems that is really hammer.They were classmates in college and co-hosted the program. From the interaction between the two hosts, we can see that the relationship is very familiar and their eyes are also very sweet.The younger sister’s development can be said to be fast now, before it was nominated for best actress for her film.She has cooperated with many male artists, and her fans all like her and some male actors, even think they are very compatible.However, no one thought that she would have a relationship with Yanxu Jia, as expected, the most outrageous melon are worthy of neglect.My sister also said that she likes painting very much. Her profile picture on the social platform is also a watercolor picture, and Yanxu’s profile picture is also a picture. Although it is not the same picture, the lines of the picture are very similar, which makes people suspect that the two profile pictures are from the same person.However, we should still be rational to eat melon, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.And Chen Zexi’s behavior this time is also very confused, directly put out the facts, although we have been clear.In a word, not red, like rubbing.(Photo from Internet)