10 period TV dramas coming in the first half of 2022. I’m looking forward to it

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“Heavy violet” tells the story of born evil spirit, destined to be enchanted girl heavy violet and despising six circles, peerless elegance of the zunzu Luo Yin fan three days of love.Yang Chaoyue acted the role of heavy purple Xu Zhengxi acted the role of Luo Yin fan “flower rong” the reincarnation of the phoenix heroine Wei Zhi, and as the sun god male hero Yan Yue, after rough, eventually broke the “phoenix nirvana will be turbulent three circles” of catastrophe fate, hand in hand to rewrite the magnificent fairy tale of heaven.Guo Junchen acts the role of Yan Yue Ju Jingyi acts the role of Wei Zhi “Jade Bone Yao” lonely high and cold empty mulberry son when the shadow and the enthusiasm of the chi nationality monarch Zhu Yan, because of the grace of a flower to tie the fate of the predestined fate, but the wrong combination of teachers and apprenses accompany for three years.Return evil rise, empty mulberry will die, when the shadow mistakenly thought to accompany Zhu Yan grew up chiren Check yuan is emperor of the Sea, so personally sealed the check yuan.Eventually Zhu Yan will jade bone thorn to the shadow, a prophecy.But fate, as early as the day was peeping changed.Xiao Zhan act the role ofing when shadow Ren Min act the role ofing Zhu Yan “thousand autumn order” is demon fight thousand years.Righteous leader Fengyue sword honour, magic teach star Lord Feng Xingtian battle of life and death.The younger shen of two people swim less, feng leaves snow because of chance coincidence to form a good friend however.In order to protect the master, Shen Shaoyou will miss snow pushed off the cliff.From the snow was taught the first master heavy China saved away.Their fates were changed.The snow will become a magic teacher.Shen Shaoyou will become the Lord of the right way, destined to meet to kill.Ten years later, the two met again.From the snow use less swim guilt lurking in his side, several assassinations.The tolerance that swims less eventually however, kind-hearted move, sincere feeling is dark unripe.Leave snow to decide to put down father enemy, change evil when good, heavy China imposes interference, the design lets two people each other misunderstanding, hatred.Eventually, from the snow to become the Lord, and shen Shaoyou decisive battle.After suffering, the two feel each other’s sincerity, and finally join hands again.No matter you are born good or evil, no matter you grow up in wonderland, there is only one thing that never changes: justice and love in your heart.Zhang Yuxi acts the role of phoenix from the snow, no dust, ni Huang Tong Mengshi acts the role of Mo Xiao, Bai Yan “Choose a gentleman record” the daughter of the richest man Shen Miao, rich looks good, but became yangzhou city no one dare to marry “hate married female”.The reason does not have him, because shen miao marries twice before too good.The first generation of marriage for the official scholar Pei Yanzhen, his personality wen Run as jade, get along with a long time also calculate harmony.Who came together and from the edict, two people were forced to separate.A strange combination of circumstances falls, Shen Miao married song Xi of rich businessman childe for the second time far, can marry shen Miao to be diagnosed nevertheless two months happy pulse, each centaur to be pregnant time people say in succession, but under, Shen Miao can only be mixed again leave.Is the so-called two ex-husband Ming Cui Liu, a matchmaker on qingtian.Shen Miao nature is open-minded, preparing active blind date, two ex-husbands seek to come at the same time however.3 people cut ceaselessly manage to return disorderly love hate affection enemy, in the shadow of the court plot slowly spread out……Zhang Xueying is acted the role of Shen Miao Xing Zhaolin is acted the role of Pei Yanzhen “flower stream record” play essence girl Li Chuyue enters yunwei villa accidentally, however be forced to cooperate little village advocate An Jingzhao disguises unmarried husband and wife to hide public eyes and ears, two people are in hand in hand to deal with villa crisis gradually give birth to sincere feeling, and the black hand behind the curtain rises to the surface gradually.Xing Fei act the role ofLi Chuyue Xu Kaicheng act the role ofanJingzhao “Canglan formula” soul heart family goddess by the devil zun Oriental green cang exterminated, after ten thousand years of rebirth into the sky low fairy orchid, inadvertently resurrected trapped in hao Tower exterminated enemy devil.To obtain freedom, the soul of the goddess that Oriental green cang wants to sacrifice small orchid unlocks seal of incantation art on the body, in this process, the big devil that this breaks affection absolutely love fell in love with docile and lovely small orchid however.Yu Shuxin is acted the role of small orchid Wang Hedi is acted the role of Oriental green cang “long moon embers bright” to rescue the world that is ruled by evil god Dan Tai embers to torture, the female Li Su su of hengyang Zong head is desperate throw, return 500 years ago, incarnation leaves home little daughter Xie Xi fog, prevent the king proton Dan Tai embers that has not been thoroughly eroded by evil thought at that time to become evil god.Did not expect Dan Tai ember is the husband of leaf xi fog unexpectedly, 2 people give birth to sincere feeling gradually, finally, Li Su su with body proof way, changed the fate of Dan Tai ember and the world.After the loss of love, Dan Tai ember seeks the yuan god of Li Su Su in the bank of dark and dark sichuan 500 years, be rescued by fairy door when verge of death, became a fairy door disciple from now on, he changes from good, more meet again with the Li Su Su of yearning for dreams.Be in 2 people break a bond during, the body of evil foetus of Dan Stage ember still caused censure and covet, 3 bound be immersed in danger again.Face cruel fate, Dan Tai ember with body set up bureau, the 2 people that love each other fall in heavy misunderstanding, it is the intention is interlinked eventually, one person cuts demon course of study with god body, one person enters divine way with demon body, turn the universe together, prevented the crisis that destroyed the world.Luo Yunxi is acted the role of Dan Tai burn, Cang Jiu min, night white deer is acted the role of Li Su Su, Leaf Xi fog, mulberry wine “aloes is like dust” upright and bold teenager ranger Tang Zhou, come across the girl Yan Dan that has ambition to fight against the strong and help the weak and its good friend Yu Mo in the way that go down the mountain experience, 3 people then go together.Tang Zhou and old knowledge Liu Weiyang meet again, heard that there are evil forces entrenched, they all go to explore the secret territory.In the secret land, people and evil forces battle wits.Conquer evil while, Tang Zhou, Yan Dan also finds the memory that loses severally accidentally.Tang Zhou remembered that he was to guard the boundary, protect the people of the war god, Yan Dan is to heal the pain of Handan fairy, two people had missed love, and then became acquainted in the unlock past misunderstanding.Below the efforts of the person such as Tang Zhou, find out the behind-the-scenes mastermind of evil force eventually.Tang and Zhou adhered to justice, united With Yan Dan and Yu Mo to declare war on the evil forces, and successfully reversed the situation.The wicked were killed, and the peace of the world was restored.Tang Zhou and Yan Dan harvested precious love after experiencing all sorts of misunderstanding and hardships, safeguard the right path of the world hand in hand, completed the great righteousness that guards the world common people.Yang Zi act the role ofing Yan Dan Cheng Yi act the role ofing ying Yuan, Tang Zhou Zhang Rui act the role ofing More than Mo “meet with you at the beginning” Shunde elbow dock princess hunted a shark person, want to find people domestication.The princess wishes to have three, one is willing to this demon mouth spit human words, two is willing to this demon tail legs, three is willing to its heart never rebel.As is known to the world, the Eastern charioteer Island, the Western charioteer Mountain, the southern charioteer Valley and the northern charioteer Platform are the only four places in the world that allow people with the ability to charioteer to live.In the south, yu Demon Valley is the strongest strength of yu Demon division.She is the most powerful charioteer in the valley, but she was fascinated by a shark.Di Li re ba act the role ofing ji Yunhe Ren Jialun act the role ofing long meaning