Jinyi wei was ordered to assassinate Li Zicheng, but finally vowed to die li Zicheng!What happened to them

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Chongzhen sent jinyi wei two ways, respectively to assassinate Zhang Xianzhong, Li Zicheng.When the assassination of Zhang Xianzhong Lin Ruocan line of people in Changsha action failure, another way the assassination of Li Zicheng Li Liangchen and Sun Xijun three people have just lived in an inn in the city of Xiangyang.After leaving Beijing, Li Liangchen, Qing Monkey and Sun Xijun travelled to Xuanhua, Taiyuan, Datong and then kaifeng.At the same time, Li Liangchen knew that Zhang Nai, who was a close friend of Li Zicheng’s, was originally from Zhu SAN Town near Kaifeng. Therefore, he wanted to ask Zhang Nai’s family for a letter, so that when he arrived in Xiangyang, he could find it convenient to have this letter.Li Liangchen led Sun Xijun and green monkey arrived at Zhu Sanzhen, two people will stay in a very humble hotel, he alone east ask west ask, came to the Zhangs.As soon as Li Liangchen arrived at Zhang Nai’s house, he told Zhang Nai’s parents that he and Zhang Nai had been sworn brothers and had been practicing martial arts together for many years. They were very much in love.Zhang Nai’s parents couldn’t help believing him.The two old men showed him great hospitality.Finally, Li Liangchen said that he would go to Xiangyang a few days later and ask brother Zhang for help. If the two old people have any greetings, please ask him to convey them.The old man had studied an old private school for a few years when he was a child. He wrote a letter to his son, urging him to serve king Chuang well. Naturally, he also mentioned how kind and friendly his brother was.After li Liangchen got a letter from Zhang Nai’s father, he made an appointment with Qing Monkey and his companion Sun Xijun.The three immediately took a fast horse and galloped to Xiangyang.As soon as they entered the area under the jurisdiction of the peasant army, three people dressed up as a rebel officer, swagger to gallop, the people and the peasants from time to time and even the checkpoints, did not notice that these three people were carrying the assassination of Li Zicheng mission.A few days later, the three arrived at xiangyang City, now known as Xiangjing.After resting in a modest cell in the city, they set out in the night to see what was going on in the city.They found that a peaceful atmosphere seemed to permeate the place, that the citizens were bustling about, that the taverns and inns were full of shouts and cheers, and that even the lively and pleasant lounges of Chengxiang Street were particularly prosperous, without the gloom of the imperial city of Beijing.Li Liangchen can not help but be greatly infected.He had thought that Li Zicheng and his gang of rebels were nothing but unruly villagers who knew nothing but burning, killing, looting and ravaging. They had no ability to manage a place well.As the saying goes, seeing is believing, and he was surprised.From this, he can not help li Zicheng have a little good impression.The next day, when they found out the basic situation that the former royal palace was now the command palace, they moved to a hotel near the command palace to stay.Li Liangchen asked zhang Nai and Zhang Nai to have a good rest. Then he took a letter from Zhang Nai’s father to the gate of the shuai mansion and handed in the letter to zhang Nai.At that time, Zhang Nai was still helping Li Zicheng practice calligraphy and sharpen ink and paper in his study.This article analyzes in a military despite my hectic has a hobby, it is by writing to send the troops and war lawton, at the same time, also as a leisure, although his handwriting is not good, seems to give a person a kind of the feeling of the arty, but, even so, his interest in calligraphy instead continued to grow, especially after Beijing DingDing duct.Glancing at Li Liangchen’s post, Zhang Nai realized that it was the emei man he had once known. The post said there was a letter from his father, so Zhang Nai immediately asked Li Zicheng for leave.As soon as Zhang Nai arrived at the gate of the palace, Li Liangchen warmly took him by the hand and said, “How are you, Brother Zhang?””Brother Li, what brings you here?”Zhang Nai is also like a long-lost friend.”Is Zhang Xiandi busy with official business?””He said, handing the letter to Zhang Nai.”Oh, just like that!Where is Brother Li wandering these years?”Li Liangchen li mustache, meaningful tunnel: “brother don’t worry, after a while, Li mou will be detailed report.””Brother Li is a stranger. How dare you and I say the word ‘report’?””Joke, joke!”Brother Li is still as humorous as before.I’m not what I used to be.We’ll talk about it later!”Then pull li Liangchen’s hand to walk outside.”You and I might as well sit down in a pub and talk over a jug of old wine. Besides, I have two friends waiting for me!”As soon as they entered the plank house, the black monkey and Sun Xijun stood up to greet each other.Li Liangchen was very friendly to the two men: “This is the Zhang Xiandi I mentioned to you.”Then, he said to Zhang Nai, “One of these two is Sun Xijun, my friend sun Xiandi, and the other is Qinghouer, Li’s untalented disciple.”When Zhang Nai heard that the black Monkey was his favorite disciple, he was surprised and said, “Look at him with new eyes. I didn’t expect brother Li to become a teacher.”Li Liangchen hurriedly both hands an arch: “dare not be, Li mou let xian younger brother smiled.”Then the four of them went to the tavern next door.When the young man brought the food and drinks, zhang Nai said with a sad face, “Alas, the fate of people is really unpredictable. When we were separated, we never thought that you were at your leisure. I, on the other hand, followed King Li Chuang with no way out.You don’t know how dangerous it has been to follow him all these years.Say carriage gorge that battle bar, if it were not for rush king tact, I had become the sword of official army under ghost.At the end of last year, opening the seal can be really fierce, mom that ba son, that life, just like hanging in the belt like.I’m glad I got the fuck out of that dead body.Only, I don’t know what kind of battle we’ll have!”As soon as he said this, he took a gulp of wine and looked shocked.When Li Liangchen heard this, he thought to himself, Perhaps Zhang Nai would be very tired of the constant battles. Wouldn’t this be a good breakthrough?As he poured zhang Nai a cup of wine, he said with sympathy, “Everything is destined to happen. Being an emperor or a common man was destined to happen in a previous life.If chuangwang wants to kill an emperor, it is natural to have to take some dangerous risks.However, I Li mou thought, or as I leisurely swim zai better.””But now, in this world, the court is corrupt, the people are poor, so how good is it to wander around like this?”Zhang Nai looked worried.Hearing this, Sun Xijun looked careless and said, “It is better to go by yourself. Why should he do so many things?””Easy to say, how can let oneself live well, brother might as well show me a way!”When Li Liangchen heard this, he realized that Zhang Nai was faithful to Li Zicheng, and that he had already spoken his words. Therefore, he smiled and said, “There is a way out, but you don’t want to take it.”Hearing this, Zhang Nai quickly said, “Brother Li, please speak clearly.”Li Liangchen immediately approached and sat down next to Zhang Nai and whispered, “Zhang Xiandi, please tell me the truth. Li is not a leisurely tourist. After you and I parted, I soon joined the jinyi Bodyguard.Zhang Nai was stunned and instinctively stood up.”This, this…Well, these two…””Don’t worry, good brother. Green Monkey is really my disciple, but he and this good brother are just like me.””That you come to Xiangjing this time but…?””We have received a secret order from the Emperor to get rid of li Zicheng, the traitor.We know that Brother Zhang is a wise man, and if brother Zhang can help us cut off this traitor, the emperor will surely be rewarded.Before he left, the emperor ordered that anyone who captured and beheaded Li Zicheng would be given a hereditary marquis with a reward of 12,000 yuan. This high official and generous salary was not attractive. Besides, after killing Li Thief, my cousin would not have to follow him in fear all day long.At that moment, Zhang Nai could not help falling two of his three souls. He did not know what to do. He just drank wine and said incoherently, “This, this…Marshal around the master yun Set, with so few people can……But……””Afraid of what, as long as you help, everything can be done!”The monkey has a calm and collected look.”Oh, how sudden, how sudden, you must let me go back and think!”Li Liangchen a listen to, think for a while way: “also become, you go back to think about it first, think good, hurriedly answer, the faster the better.Of course, if you inform on us, then don’t blame me Li not to mention, although we only three people, but in that yuan Shuaifu, it is like entering no one’s territory.”Then Li Liangchen, Sun Xijun and The Green Monkey left the inn. To be on the safe side, they packed their bags and went to another place where they could not be seen and listened to Zhang Nai’s news.After leaving the tavern, Zhang Nai returned to the headquarters of the Yuan Dynasty with fear.That night, he was lying in bed, tossing and turning difficult to sleep, today’s situation, the article analyzes voice floated in the tavern, constantly alternately reflected in his mind, want to want to go, if always feel betrayed li, it is a great shame, but also will be ten thousand people reviled, moreover, their wives, and also in LaoYing peasant army in two,If oneself betrayed Li Zicheng, so, this wife and child also must be not protect.What’s more, since follow Li Zicheng so many years, Li Zicheng treat from already also very is not thin, depend on oneself for confidant rely on, how can he make that kind of matter of harm to god and reason?So he decided he couldn’t do that, he definitely couldn’t do that.The next day early in the morning, when niu Jinxing, Song Xianchi and Li Yan and a bunch of strategists came to the hall, he will yesterday himself and a bunch of assassins wumian and the assassin’s cause and purpose, to Li Zicheng himself and the strategist one by one to do the report.Li Zicheng a listen to, gas is all beans smoke, cursed Chongzhen way: “Chongzhen old man is hateful, beat but ZA, come up with such a despicable way.If we li someone can’t overthrow this dizzy master son oath will not be human.”He said to Zhang Nai, “As a loyal and honest man, Zhang Nai is very amiable and honorable. I want to pay him a reward of 120 yuan to be promoted to be a commander, bodyguard and commander. Now he is leading his men to catch the assassin.”Zhang Nai was overjoyed and immediately bowed his head to thank him. Then he led a team of guards to arrest the assassin.In less than two hours, Li Liangchen, Sun Xijun and Qing Houer were tricked by Zhang Nai into making them drunk with a dark drug.In the afternoon, the three woke up to find themselves bound and unable to move, lying in an unknown place, only to know that they had fallen into the hands of the rebels.Both Sun Xijun and Li Liangchen lashed out at Zhang Nai, saying that he was unkind and unjust and betrayed his friends. Li Liangchen even lamented that zhang Nai should not have trusted others so much that his well-planned operation failed so easily, and that it was his imprudence that brought harm to Both Sun and Qing.At this moment, the guard realized that the three men were awake and immediately reported to Zhang Nai, who immediately took them to Li Zicheng.Li Zicheng saw three people, namely kind tunnel: “quick for the three righteous loosen the rope, the visitor is a guest!”Li Liangchen angrily groan tunnel: “I am the imperial official, especially to take your dog life, who is your guest.””The court, the court!Li Zicheng laughed. “How long can Chongzhen’s court last?Don’t you see, the dog emperor is stubborn and self-serving, narrow-minded and suspicious, making the imperial court corrupt, and all the civil and military forces in the court are silent. Now, up and down the river, people are starving, and bodies of the hungry die from starvation, people rise up, and even rebel armies are forming, and the Capital Division is within reach. How long will the imperial court last?How many more days can Chongzhen live?As the saying goes, he who knows what is going on is a great man. Why don’t a few righteous men join our militia and make great plans together?”Li Liangchen into Xiangyang, it seems to be on Li Zicheng quite a lot of good feelings, see today, we know he is not an ordinary person, listened to him a feeling, more aware that this Li Zicheng is really can rely on people.So he immediately knelt down and said he would throw himself under the flag.Sun Xijun and green monkey see Li Liangchen has surrendered, they will only follow its footsteps.In this way, chongzhen’s secret killers failed by surrendering to others.