Doctor of Korean art studies abroad, what kind of condition is application?

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Nowadays, the application and examination system is widely adopted in the double first-class universities in China, which encourages excellent students to apply for direct doctoral degrees and supports students in the research groups to continue their postgraduate and doctoral studies.In this context, the quota of doctoral enrollment for students from outside universities is very few.In particular, there are fewer doctoral programs in art in domestic colleges and universities, and many on-the-job teachers with master’s degrees are also waiting for doctoral programs. As a result, it is difficult to apply for doctoral programs in art in China. According to statistics, the admission rate of doctoral programs in art in China is less than 5%.Is there no way to get a PhD in art?Of course there is!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Han Teng education in recent years, Korea relies on lower study abroad cost, high quality education, Asian first-class art aesthetic level, get the favor of numerous art students!What are the requirements for applying for a Doctorate in Korean art?What are the appropriate colleges and universities?1, Master’s degree graduates/pre-graduates 2, language at topIK level 4 or above (except for majors taught in Chinese) 3, submit professional works,Concretely depending on the requirements of the colleges, Korea art doctoral study in colleges and universities recommend Dr 1, South Korea, central university of the arts (design direction) in central South Korea university was founded in 1983, is South Korea’s Ministry of Education “as one of the best universities, and university education internationalization power certification, with many colleges and universities have carried out international cooperation and communication.The school also has a culture and art Education Center, which is designated as a secondary education institution for culture and art education sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.Doctoral research in the culture industry of the university of central art is closely related to the visual arts, the content of the subject course covers culture, design, image, cartoon, multimedia, planning, etc, through continuous research on professional knowledge in the field of cultural content, in order to improve the students’ ability of professional depth study, to become international talents with global vision.South Korea Hoxi University is the most outstanding famous university in the central region of South Korea, the design major of the first in Korea, the world’s fifth, the school in the field of art academic achievements are outstanding, cultivate a large number of young performing arts talents.Hoseo University in South Korea offers a doctoral degree in visual design, spatial design, musicology and other professional disciplines.Among them, the doctoral program of musicology focuses on the study of music theory, focusing on the analysis of modern and contemporary music, theoretical prototype and performance practice, and emphasizing the interdisciplinary study of contemporary music.To provide students with a solid understanding of music theory, promote the overall development of students’ music career.3, South Korea, the state university of the arts, Dr. Korean state university was founded in 1964, is a region of cholla-bukdo four-year comprehensive university, 14 years in a row for Korea cholla-bukdo only “contribution to the education of colleges and universities university support industry” title, popular for professional including music therapy and dance therapy, through in-depth theory and emphasizes the practical field of education process,To train and strengthen the academic and clinical expertise of art psychotherapists, and to train global talents in the field of art psychotherapy integrating art and science.Due to the limited space, xiaobian for everyone to introduce here, there are many Korean universities worth choosing art major.If you want to know, welcome private letter consultation.