“Second generation of doctors” volunteer to fight the epidemic with their parents

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“Mom, I want to volunteer at the hospital again tomorrow!”Li Zhuolong, who is in grade 5, is the second generation of doctors and the youngest volunteer in the “Volunteer Red” group after shenzhen Longgang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital (referred to as “Longgang Maternal and Child”) launched the volunteer service channel for children.Recently, the outpatient building of the hospital has been active with a number of student volunteers. They are the children of medical staff, using the winter vacation to follow their parents’ footsteps, fighting together in the front line of fighting against the epidemic, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of teenagers in the new era at the critical moment.”Everyone in the group to grab the dragon, every day to release the quota of seconds light.”Longgang, head of the women’s and children’s social workers volunteers group Lin Huanna introduction, all conform to the basic conditions of “medical second generation”, will be after teaching social worker of pre-service training, qualified after assigned to outpatient floors and key take 1 meter distance, visits to guide, self-service machine instructions, etc, effectively reduce the epidemic prevention mission leading examining and preview the triage nurse’s work pressure.The lucky wang Zixi is the daughter of liu Shouhui, a nurse in the department of medical consultation. Less than 10 years old, she heard that the hospital was in shortage of volunteers and asked her mother to help her sign up. Before she came to the hospital, she also studied the etiquette gestures, so that her hands and feet were more appropriate and in place when she served.Liu Shouhui was pleased to say, “Let her experience parents work is not easy, exercise personal interpersonal skills, but also for the protection of patients’ health dedication love, three birds with one stone.”Student volunteers as well as medical staff every day, the weather is cold, working strength is big, stick to in the hospital outpatient service hall triage, registered as cashier and other needs of post, to guide patients to declare health information orderly queuing, inquire and guide the patients needs and guide clinic, help disabled patients go to a doctor, etc., welcome and high praise by all of us.Ou Jeming, a “second-generation doctor” who has volunteered to serve women and children in Longgang for a period of time, put forward “special” requirements based on his work experience.”Please put me in the busiest place so I can help as many people as I can and have a fuller service day.”Like him, the children of doctors born after 2000 are not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and stand out at a special time to make a contribution to the fight against the epidemic.The parents, as medical personnel, have given their support to the choice of their children.Under the guidance and comfort of volunteers, patients’ anxiety and unfamiliarity with the hospital environment can play a good role in buffering or resolving the large flow of patients in the outpatient department of the hospital, so as to improve patients’ medical experience and satisfaction.It is understood that since the establishment of Longgang Women and Children Volunteer Service Team in March 2019, a total of more than 500 volunteers have participated in providing 4863 hours of volunteer service, and the number of service times reached 21,199. Representatives from dapeng New District Youth League Committee, Zunyi, Jingxi Volunteer Association and other organizations have sent representatives to the school to learn volunteer culture and management experience.Longgang Women and Children’s Hospital has been awarded “Excellent Cooperative Unit of Volunteer Service Socialized Construction” and “Love Group” for many times. The hospital’s volunteer service point has also been listed as a volunteer demonstration point in Longgang District.Editor Yao Jingxia review Wang Xinlin (author: Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper reporter Ren Qi correspondent Li Na) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com