Outdoor anchors claim they’ve seen each other without makeup

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Remember to pay attention!After working hard for a week, the weekend is coming. I am very happy to meet water friends in the evening. Today, what Grug wants to talk to you is the former female anchors of douyu.We all know that the female anchor of betta fish is to have the appearance level to have the appearance level to have the figure to have the figure, when it comes to the music class is more famous several female anchor, I believe we all know!First of all, Tuesday ke sound good, looks is also very sweet and pleasant, and then went to play, it can be said that is versatile ah, for a time by the water friends of the hot hold, do douyu first sister throne, but now not how.Or the path she chose.Von Timmer is also very beautiful. Although she is not very tall, she is a small girl, which attracts a lot of people’s attention. In the outdoor live broadcast, her small body contains great energy, and she can sing without any doubt.Leng went to Momo and became a “first sister”, but eventually chose to live on Douyu’s live streaming platform.A Leng’s appearance gives people a very cold feeling, which makes people have a strong desire to protect. It has to be said that douyu anchor seems to be almost a style of female anchor!Speaking of Natto, a lot of people’s memory point is her pair of watery big eyes, lovely appearance, and can be high and low at will, with a strong heart, often from the black, a lot of water friends are like this looks partial girl money!Xiao Yuan’s looks belong to the feeling of gentle and elegant, there is a feeling of small jasper, has won the “annual top ten anchor” award, but also said that they want to sing songs that others can not sing, visible strength is extraordinary, but she has not broadcast for a long time, may have shifted the focus of work.Then B always on their appearance level and talent ranking, B always said that in fact, several of them are on the same level of feeling, but someone’s appearance level is the uglier but singing feeling is the best, appearance level ranking: Tuesday Ke, von Timmer, A Leng, Natto, Small margin and CYF.B always return with big guy unceremonious say they su yan of appearance oneself have seen, see affection still have a bit of meaning!Then b always goes on to say that also can only be compared to them a few, because the jiangshan generation have talent, one mountain more than one mountain high, now many anchorwoman that is looks beautiful, young, shape, and can sing and dance, some netizens said mina Su Enna e mail is really top, especially mikuya, was given level of the ceiling in appearance, not meeting with the light die.