More and more children in rural areas show filial piety to the elderly?Is it better education or richer life

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I find that children in rural areas are becoming more and more filial to the elderly.Is the family economic situation is rich, or educate the children well?Below everyone and I in-depth discussion, interested friends friends advice, to see what we see and hear old people in the village!In the countryside, children become more filial piety to the old man now, today I to you a true story, the king of the big ye, our village more than 60 years old this year, when young poor family, had two sons and a daughter, and grandparents planting Chinese herbal medicine for a living, while in others’ eyes planting Chinese herbal medicine high income, but for the local farmers,One year income is not high, there is a year hard work down even loss, although the price of Chinese herbal medicine ups and downs, but most rural farmers still adhere to planting, do not have to do what?Well, we’ll do it anyway. If we’re lucky, we’ll make a little.Uncle Wang and his wife rely on their own industrious hands, hard work, support the family, finally the children are pulled up, but their family economic situation, children go to school, more difficult to marry a wife, how to do?With China’s industrial economic development by leaps and bounds, their children see this, forced to go out to work, because of low degree, do some sewing worker in southeast coastal city of factories, but they are quite brilliant, through continuous learning, the competent sewing worker to production line, two sons were found in the factory object, daughter also know the company is a production line supervisor, are married,Now they have cars and houses, which is fine for an ordinary family in the countryside.Now, their parents are more than 60 years old, the children very filial piety, to send them money every month, a year’s time in with my parents by plane to travel to big cities, parents are very happy, envy of the village neighborhood neighbour also, all say uncle wang couples blessed, good education of children, the children said, take good filial piety, oneself also can become old, gratefulness,Never forget, although I did not receive higher education, but I know, all good filial piety first, how do you look at?Deficiencies please give a lot of guidance to supplement, remember to angelica village new nongge comment message attention, thank you!