Liu Jiangwei: Learning is to change, change to achieve

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Sima Guang told a story in his book “The Mirror of Wisdom and Wisdom” : At the beginning, Quan said to Lv Meng, “You are now in a position to take charge of your affairs.Meng resigned the Army of Israel to do many things.Quan said, “Do you want you to cure the scriptures?But when you dabble, you see the past.What are you talking about?Solitary reading often, I think I benefit greatly.”Montague begins to learn.And Lu Su crossed Xunyang and discussed with Meng. He was greatly surprised and said, “You are a brilliant man now, and you are not returning wu to Ameng!”Meng said, “After three days of separation, you are even more impressed with each other. How late is it that your elder brother sees things?”Su sui worshipped his mother and made friends.At the beginning, Sun Quan said to Lv Meng, “Now that you are in charge, you must not fail to study!”Lv Meng refused to do anything about the army.Sun Quan said, “Do I want you to study Confucian classics and become a doctor?You should only read it cursory and know the past.Who has more business than I, you say?I read a lot, and I think it’s profitable.”Lv Meng then began to study.Later lu Su came to Xunyang and had a discussion with Lv Meng. He was very surprised and said, “With your talents and strategies now, you are no longer the old Wu Xia Ameng!”Lv Meng said, “After three days of separation, you have to take a fresh look. It’s too late for your elder brother to know about this.”Lu Su bowed down to Lv Meng’s mother and became friends with lv Meng.And then I said goodbye.I read this story before, and suddenly IT moved me.The so-called “scholars should be impressed after three days” is indeed true.But not everyone can use this for themselves, the premise is that you must be a scholar.Lv Meng is such an open – minded man!First he declined, saying he was busy with military affairs.Sun Quan after sincere advice, this one introduction wufu really immediately bowed his head to learn.How could that not work?When Lu Su was amazed, Lv Meng replied that every word was aboveboard, bright and wide and slow.Some people say that Lv Meng back to Lu Su talk is not very complacent?B: Actually not. He is very modest.A little with Lu Su joke meaning, but also some martial gas in the inside.When it came to the later comity of Lu Xun, the generosity of the open and sincere can be seen, without the slightest arrogance of gas.At that time, the atmosphere of Eastern Wu was really good, so a large number of talents emerged, such as Zhou Yu, Lu Su, Lu Meng, Lu Xun and so on.Now, if we put ourselves in the context of today’s times and talk about learning again, what do you think?What do we think about ourselves?Obviously, living in such an era, we will feel more obvious “natural selection, survival of the fittest” biological law.The so-called “fitter” is able to change themselves in time with the changes of the environment, so as to make themselves in harmony with the environment.The so-called “change” is to remove the original but outdated things, adding the original but not needed things, this is the original intention of learning.The belief that “knowledge changes destiny” once inspired many people at the grassroots level to join the tide of learning.But really such as Lv Meng bowed his head to learn how many people come down?Learning is life, life is learning, without learning there is no life.In order to survive and develop better, we not only need to learn, but also learn well, learn fast, learn well.Learning is a process, just like a person to grow up, have to eat.Through learning, we know the history of predecessors, predecessors’ achievements, predecessors’ emotions, predecessors’ confusion;Through learning, we know the experience, know the analysis, know the thinking;We learn knowledge, we learn life;In learning, we grow up day by day.The study of bitterness and bitterness make our feelings rich;Success in learning makes us grow in confidence;We will continue to learn all our lives.People who can find fun in learning are happy, in learning depressed people are lonely, in learning failure is depressed.I wonder how you feel about it?We need to put our heads down and immerse ourselves in learning, stay here and experience happiness;Improve yourself from here and have great joy in your life fulfillment.