Inmax, which was exposed by CCTV on March 15, responded that the leadership would make a unified response later

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Ifengnet Financial news Beijing time Tuesday (March 15), the 2022 “3·15” party in the CCTV financial channel live broadcast.This year’s party with the theme of “fair and honest consumption”, continue to pay attention to the phenomenon of illegal infringement in the consumption field, advocate the power of good faith, build a solid foundation for consumption, and create a better life together.Phoenix net finance full report.CCTV’s “March 15” gala in 2022 exposed the problem of online copycat reviews: Inmax was named by reputation agencies for forgery, tampering with title reviews and controlling search called Inmax, and the other side said: There is no response at present, and the leadership will give a unified reply later.According to the App, the company involved, Shenzhen Inmax Information Technology Co., LTD., was founded in October 2008 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and its legal representative, Chen Xuedan, is jointly held by Shenzhen Hubu Technology Co., LTD and Shenzhen Creative Investment Group Co., LTD.Risk information shows that the company is involved in a number of legal proceedings, mostly for computer software development contract disputes and computer software copyright infringement disputes.It is worth mentioning that the company has more than 10 branches, five of which have been cancelled.