Half sorrow and half rain

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She was seventeen, and so was I.We are classmates, but we don’t know each other.She wore gold-rimmed glasses and sat behind me. She got poor grades, and I got excellent grades.Every time I turn around, I see her smile, etched in my heart as time goes by.But AT that time I did not understand these, the heart is just a hazy love.In that year’s examination, she was admitted to the teacher’s further education school, I was admitted to Meicun Middle School, she read in the East pavilion, I read in Meicun, both sides are very happy.One day before the high school entrance examination, which was a very happy day, was April 23, 1989. It was a rainy day.However, the rain did not let my mood become sad, but made my heart full of passion, to brave the rain to go to the appointment.I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle at that time, so my friend Jianguo rode a bicycle and took me to the appointment in the rain, sometimes the rain stopped, sometimes the rain, the clouds covered the sky as the father scolded me, trying to prevent me from going to the appointment.The road was very rough, with puddles on top of puddles.The road was wet and slippery, and I was very worried about losing control of my bike and slipping.Finally came to a fork in the road, just like the fork in the road of life, where I met her, met her kindness and beauty.She smiled at me, and it was such a lovely smile, as bright as the sun.At the intersection of the three roads, she held an oil umbrella for me, the raindrops falling from the edge of the umbrella.I saw her clear and quiet eyes burning lovely and charming light, in this small space, I feel her gentle and sweet breath, my heart is full of piety and luck.At this moment, I felt a feeling I had never had before, this feeling makes my heart become warm, as long as she is not in front of me, I will have a sense of loss.She smelled faintly of jasmine, a scent that was hard to forget.Later, I often miss her smile, miss her white coat, miss her fragrance of jasmine, which is the smell of love in memory.We finally climbed to the top of the mountain, the mountain is not high, there is a fairy name, at the top of the mountain, there is no building can shelter from the rain, rain god again visit.Rain falling underground, she still for me to hold the umbrella, in this small piece of heaven and earth I feel a never had a happiness, this is an extension of friendship, is pure, but also selfless.We stood at the top of the roaring mountain overlooking the scenery in the rain, in my opinion, the rain at that time, is really rain, rain without impurities.I don’t remember what I said at the time, and it was mostly bluster and very little truth.Now I think for a while to remember a section, in the Roar mountain there is a section of about one meter of stone piled into the wall, we stand on the above, I looked at the following people holding umbrellas to go up, the road is narrow, crowded with pedestrians.I got the idea to jump down here and take a shortcut down the hill.I couldn’t help but say to her, “Let’s jump down from here, so we can walk less.”I said and looked at her face. Her face turned red with shame for a moment, but soon turned white again, as beautiful as a lily in the wind and rain.In fact, I just say, because, first, girls will not jump, second, it is raining, it is very slippery, easy to fall down.But she was always earnest and cautious, and she immediately replied, “If you jump down, I’ll go down and take your picture.”As soon as I heard this, I understood what she meant, and agreed.Can she jump down in the light of day, before the eyes of all?Why did I say that?Now that I think about it, it’s ridiculous.So I thought about it for a long time and was puzzled.At that time I just want to express that the rain is very pure, in the rain together to play childhood games, this is also caused by my childlike innocence.In later I often think of this scene, it is like a dream like smoke to show in front of my eyes, like the breeze in my mind left a light imprint.At that time, why did I dare not say what I thought?Her kindness charmed my heart, and by chance I learned what Venus was like. My ardent heart was enchanted, and I fell in love!Happy time flies by. I knew the pain of love at that time, but I was wasting the best time of my youth.Later IN life I would often climb howling Hill alone and stand on top of the stone wall while I was alone and choke and sigh.There, I always feel a sense of loss, and will think back to that beautiful past.The years!How can you run so fast, can you stay forever at that time, in the rain, in the misty, see her beautiful smile.Although there will be some beauty through here, with a bright smile, but the former bright smile has long gone.I haven’t seen her since I graduated from high school.On the road of life, she continued her regular steps and lived a happy life on the road.Twenty-five years later, in a small hotel in the Spring Tide Garden, the junior high school reunion, which I also attended.When I met her again, I didn’t even know her, and I didn’t know her name.Memory has played such a joke on me that I have forgotten everything in the past.As SOON as I entered the spring-filled drawing-room, I saw many familiar people, many strange people.I was standing in the hall when a man pointed to her in my face and asked me who the lady was.She still smiled at me, a smile that seemed to contain a message from memory, so familiar and yet so unfamiliar at the same time.I stood there, thinking, but I could not think of anything!Years like a sharp knife to my memory abruptly cut, those memories disappear in the long history of years, never find out.At that time, I was confused where for a long time, finally someone reminded me, I said her name.Time flies, so does life!Later, I communicated with her several times, but found her heart very cold, surrounded by a layer of ice, and no longer had that innocence, that passion, that light jasmine fragrance.And now I read Zhang Xiaofeng teacher “half spring sorrow, half water”, will think of my wonderful past, read, read, tears were filled with eyes, dripping on the book.Stream sound thousand back, past dust like smoke.As the days go by, people slowly get older.I think, now I cherish everything in front of me, also wish their alumni can be happy forever!Guo-feng wei 2022.01.31