Gongyi city college students entrepreneurship: greenhouse yukon meat online sales help increase income

2022-05-03 0 By

In recent years, the rapid development of gongyi city rural e-commerce, not only for the sale of agricultural products to open up a new channel, but also for the masses to create an opportunity to increase income.In Didong Village, Xichun Town, Gongyi City, there are several college students who have returned to their hometown to start their own businesses. They have opened the “door of wealth” by selling succulents online.Recently, the reporter walked into the west village dike east village of meaty breeding greenhouses, rows of color dream, the shape of the charming “meat” people come into sight.A succulent plant in the sun shine delicious, especially attractive, close to look, lovely “meat” they have charm and characteristics, or colorful, or glittering and translucent, or budding, showing the full of vitality.Reporters learned that succulent farming greenhouses are didong village college students Lu Changliang and his classmates together to start a business project.The succulents are sold online and offline through live streaming and supply to flower markets and shops.The reporter saw meaty goods packed and ready to be sent to other places at the scene.The succulent plants in the greenhouses sell well and are favored by consumers and businesses.Lu Changliang, a college student, said: “In 2006, I went back to my hometown Didong Village to start my own business. With the support of village leaders, I began to do succulentous planting. After planting, it gradually developed from the traditional offline sales model at the beginning to the current e-commerce network live broadcasting, and also provided jobs for the surrounding villagers.I’m so happy to be able to turn my hobby into a business!”Succulent adaptability, especially drought resistance, strange shape, variety, give people a novel sense of interest.Lu Changliang’s succulent breeding greenhouses plant more than 100 varieties of succulents, greenhouses adopt scientific management, not only succulents grow vigorously, but also ensure green pollution-free.Reporters learned that the greenhouse has constant temperature and humidity regulation function, conducive to the growth of tropical plants.Dong Jianke, member of the Didong Village Party (general) branch, said: “Our Didong Village strongly supports college students returning home to start their own business, and actively helps them with land use and water supply, hoping that they will develop better and better.”Copyright: Gongyi Rong Media Center, author: Wang Liuwen, editor: Yang Ruirui