Zhu Yuanzhang of the 20th century has a secret recipe for playing medicine handed down from his family

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Zhu Wenchen is really true zhu Yuanzhang descendants Of Zhu Wenchen, born in September 1966, Luyi County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, high school dropout.He was a descendant of Zhu yuanzhang’s fifth son, Zhou Wang Zhu 橚 (1361 — 1425).Zhu 橚’s fief is in Kaifeng.He was a famous pharmacist in The Ming Dynasty, and presided over the compilation of medical works such as “Saving The Disaster Materia Medica”, “Preserving Life”, “Pocket Prescription” and “Puji Prescription”, which played an important role in the history of Chinese medicine.The zhu 橚 descendants are mainly concentrated in Henan Province.Zhu Yuanzhang for Zhu 橚 appointed twenty generation of word generation is: “there is son tonganmu, qin dynasty in the purge.Shao Lun fu Hui Run, Zhao Ge guang deng Yong.”Zhu Wenchen is the guangzi generation, is the 20th sun of Zhu Yuanzhang.Zhu Wenchen didn’t finish high school and liked reading.In the early 1980s, college students were all paid within the system, and the society was dominated by high school students.After two years of farming at home, zhu Wenchen’s production team was disbanded.The society is in urgent need of talent, the glib Zhu Wenchen applies for a township enterprise — luyi county leather shoe factory works.In 1988, the central government promoted the idea of “building roads first if you want to get rich”.Zhu Wenchen saw the opportunity, began to turn to the road project, suddenly changed, became a contractor, contract road project.According to the general way, zhu Wenchen such a person, should be a real estate developer, finally developed into a real estate tycoon.Zhu wenchen, however, looked down on real estate because it was too dangerous, took too long and required too much expertise.Road construction, shoddy construction at most, the road is rotten, will not kill people.Distant monk good chant sutras, repair road nature is in the field work best, repair road bottom a clap leave — the driver scold niang, also do not know who should scold.This is Lord Zhu’s business philosophy.Zhu wenchen caught up with the high tide of road building, and also did engineering decoration and car transportation, in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, pouring stone.In the early 1990s, when hainan real estate exploded and the real estate bubble began to bubble, many of Zhu wenchen’s friends abandoned their houses and fled to avoid debts.But Zhu wenchen made a fortune by building roads.Zhu wenchen, who had made his fortune, was full of spirit and pretended to be the twentieth grandson of Zhu Yuanzhang. He said, “If it were in the Great Ming Dynasty, I would have been born a king.With the kingdom gone, I can only be a rich man.”– I finally feel like a king.The origin of the first bucket of gold is still a mystery in 1992, the golden age of health care products, Zhu Wenchen learned the myth of health care products to create wealth, found that the production of health care products technical requirements are not high, as long as they do not poison people, dare to shout can make money.I thought it was just the right thing to do.In 1993, Zhu Wenchen led the Zhu brothers to establish Henan Sanwei Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.At that time, dry pharmaceutical factory is the need of a large amount of capital, Zhu Wenchen when the contractor, do not too big.How did he get so much money?Some people suspect that he is in luyi county leather shoes factory manager when corruption of money, the problem is — leather shoes factory were he greedy, also not enough pharmaceutical factory investment of the odd!Someone suspected that he robbed the bank, Zhu Wenchen that courage, still really dare, the problem is — did not hear which bank was robbed so much money!Some people wonder where did he get his money?When zhu wenchen was questioned, he waved his hand with great dignity and said, “HEROES don’t ask where they come from.If this were in The Kingdom of Ming, my family is playing gold and silver.What’s with all this money now?”Some people suspected that zhu wenchen might have stolen the gold and silver left by his ancestors after the collapse of the Ming Dynasty.Anyway, Zhu Wenchen began to learn ancestors Zhu 橚, play medicine.At that time, Zhu wenchen often said, “When it comes to playing medicine, who can compete with us?You can’t find out about my ancestors, turn over the book, see what my ancestors do?– Zhu 橚, the King of Zhou in The Kingdom of Daming!Li Shizhen “Compendium of Materia Medica”, or plagiarism of our ancestors “save the famine materia medica”!Play medicine za is not blow – that ancestral secret recipe but use up!”