What course does junior college take an examination of

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The subject that unified examination has politics, foreign language, still have professional basic course.The course of adult college entrance examination has language, mathematics, English to wait.1. For those who choose to take the college entrance examination to enter a junior college, the test content is usually Chinese, mathematics, English and comprehensive.Choose a single recruit exam to enter a specialized college, usually test subjects for Language, mathematics (a cent science), English (without hearing) three sections, individual colleges and universities may increase the course that a few of this college sets.2. For specialized courses, some specialized courses are also divided into compulsory courses and elective courses.Must take an examination of the course that class must want to take an examination of namely, choose to take an examination of course is to show the course that chooses a few concerned according to major direction, examinee needs to choose the course that he should take an examination of according to credit requirement only ok.Junior college belongs to junior college.The recruit students of the school is to face this year college entrance examination graduate commonly, and the examinee that admits mark line under undergraduate course.A few colleges and universities set undergraduate course and specialized subject education, but the graduation card after graduation can be different, and ordinary specialized subject admits time to be able to admit time to want earlier than higher vocational college;And higher vocational is the school that belongs to a kind of vocational technology, it is the school that trains a student a kind of skill specially, the recruit students of the school can be a few simpler than the school of specialized subject, but still want a few taller than middle vocational school on the level.