The latest!A large number of Australians support temporary immigrants to take permanent residence!Universities call for PR for international students

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Due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of temporary migrants are unable to enter Australia, and both enterprises and the labor market are struggling.An overwhelming majority of Australians support a path to permanent residency for temporary migrants who have lived and worked in Australia for years, according to a new survey, the Guardian reported.Seventy-eight per cent of Australians believe temporary visa holders who have lived and worked in Australia for many years should be granted permanent residency.The survey, commissioned by the Human Rights Law Centre, found 58 per cent of people believed immigration would help fill skills shortages for specific jobs and 54 per cent believed it would bring cultural diversity to Australia.A third (33 per cent) believe immigrants are taking low-paid jobs that Australian citizens do not want to do, and almost a quarter (24 per cent) believe immigration can offset Australia’s ageing population.The majority of respondents (55%) agreed with the statement: “Immigrants should plan their future here in a stable manner regardless of their visa status.”A minority (26%) said migrants should have the right to stay in Australia as long as their employer wants them to.The survey interviewed 1,095 Australian residents in December.David Burke, legal director of the Human Rights Law Centre, said everyone should have the opportunity to plan their life in Australia.”But the federal government’s visa system leaves people stranded, often unable to reunite with their families even if they have lived and worked here for years.”These results show that people are clearly aware of the injustice of policies that have plunged their neighbors, colleagues and friends into uncertainty simply because of the visa they hold.”Burke said the disruption to Australia’s migration program caused by the pandemic gave us an opportunity to recalibrate our approach to migration.”Our political leaders should take steps to give migrants and refugees living in Australia a stable future to ensure the system reflects the values of the community.”Australia’s immigration system was significantly reformed in the second half of the 1990s to give priority to skilled migration over family reunification and to emphasize temporary migration to Australia.While the number of temporary visas has grown significantly and more students are studying abroad, the number of permanent visas has not.Over the past two years, COVID-19 travel restrictions have significantly reduced all forms of migration.A report found that nearly two-thirds (65%) of temporary visa holders had experienced wage theft.This vulnerability is exacerbated by the lack of access to permanent residence: 91% of workers who suffer wage theft do not have access to permanent residence.”Australia’s immigration system is out of balance,” Burke said.The government issues an unlimited number of temporary visas while strictly controlling the number of permanent visas issued.As a result, most migrant workers are forced to jump from one temporary visa to another until they have exhausted all means of staying in Australia.”Matt Kunkel, chief executive of the Migrant Workers Centre, told the Guardian that “unless you are familiar with Australia’s visa system, it is hard to understand the huge toll this has taken on temporary migrants”.”We know from our research that migrants with a path to permanent residence are less likely to be abused at work, and that’s a good thing for all workers in Australia.”The government’s Productivity Commission noted in 2016 that the path from temporary to permanent visas was “problematic”, noting that “temporary migrants face a higher risk of exploitation by employers than the general workforce”.”Employer-sponsored visas, where workers rely on their employers for ongoing visa status, increase the risk of exploitation because workers are less willing to speak up if they are underpaid, disenfranchised or otherwise treated badly.”It comes at a time when Australia is facing a severe immigration shortage and many universities are calling for a direct path to permanent residence for international students.Australian education agencies have lobbied the federal government to provide PR for international students in order to make Australia more attractive to international students.Australian innovation research universities alliance (IRU) : including Charles Darwin university, flinders university, Griffith university, James cook university, la trobe university, murdoch university and the university of western Sydney cooperation between organizations, has been to immigration Australia’s skilled migration program review by the standing committee of united submitted a report.Requiring the federal government to more closely link permanent residence visas with student visas.Australia’s international education and skilled migration policy should make it clear that international students are a legitimate source of skilled migration in line with the government’s annual migration targets.There should be a path that allows international students to apply for residence and citizenship.Not long ago, neighboring New Zealand has implemented an “immigration amnesty” during the pandemic, giving many people a path to permanent residence, while Australia is still waiting to see…But seriously, Lao Mo should think hard about providing a clear path for temporary migrants who continue to live, study and work in Australia during the epidemic.Source material: