Modern Poem “The Sight”

2022-05-02 0 By

A eyes, staring at me with a misty rain in jiangnan charm of dissolved with the snowy plateau jade jie from beautiful encounter pain no matter where respectively, warm and tender feelings never leave my side, when I meet with difficulties brought strong strong when I encountered disease and gentle gentle when I do not regularly life for her firm direction, gratitude,Eyes never grow old like the sun that fills my heart forever She’s a reflection of the pure soul from a beautiful girl Oh girl where are you Is everything all right?If there is any sadness, I will go to find her, I am not afraid to go anywhere to find her, I will cherish her and bathe in the sunshine with her, my friend, would you like to have this look, I will always have an ocean of love in my heart (picture from Internet) I have been fond of literature and poetry since I was a child, I insist on reading and studying, and I am serious in literary creation.In the face of the rapid changes of the motherland, the heart is full of passion.Pick up the pen to express the love of the motherland, praise the good life.After today’s platform, I have met many friends, whose sincerity moves me, whose talent increases my knowledge, and whose encouragement gives me the confidence to create. I love you sincerely.I want to learn from you sincerely, read friends’ works carefully, communicate with each other, give sincere comments, and we work together to progress together.