Look at “A Chinese Odyssey”, it turns out that we are “the dog”

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Five hundred years ago, a contemporary of Hai Rui, a down-hearted scholar, resigned from his official post angrily because he was not used to the dark court at that time. At the age of more than 70, he wrote Journey to the West, one of China’s four great classics. This man is later known to us as Wu Cheng ‘en.His story, based on xuanzang, a buddhist monk who lived 1,400 years ago, shows readers the different meanings of life and the deeper aspects of life in this strange world of demons and immortals.Twenty-seven years ago, a Hong Kong actor named Stephen Chow, who was at the peak of his career, and his co-star, Lau Chin-wai, decided to remake a story based on their understanding of Journey to the West. The original script was dismissed as “cultural trash” by another director when he saw it.From the film’s release of all aspects of the response, if there was no chow in the peak of fame as a guarantee, it is estimated that no one will willfully use such a big-name actor Stephen Chow, with ultra high investment, to shoot a in that year neither box office, also no word of mouth of the work.After the release of this work, in terms of commercial films, it did not amuse the audience like Stephen Chow’s works in the past, nor did it gain the reputation of professional film industry like Wong Kar-wai’s literary films.After its release, a Chinese Odyssey is almost a failure.However, it was the failure of the film that caused a stir among fans several years after its release.Many people even discussed “A Chinese Odyssey to the West”, which was originally a commercial film, on a cultural level.In His opinion, the core reason for such changes lies in the fact that the creators of the film really put their heart into making a work of art.What is a heart, if before Stephen chow movie box office and economic benefits, is all so port of the movie “a Chinese Odyssey”, from the pure pursuit of box office, or even to a certain extent, “a Chinese Odyssey” was raised the attitude of life high, so that the film in its 27 years later still survives,It has become one of the most popular Chinese films on par with “Days of Wild” and “Farewell My Concubine.”Many people say that there are several different stages to watch A Chinese Odyssey. If they just turn up their eyes at the exaggerated plot and regard it as “cultural rubbish” during the watching process, they will hardly understand the meaning of the film.However, if you can forget the traditional classics and laugh at the plot of “A Chinese Odyssey”, you will be able to enter the introductory stage with the lines of “Love you for ten thousand years”.Then, with the accumulation of life experience, the audience will repeatedly enjoy the film several times in different stages of life, and will gradually understand the real meaning of the film.Until later, we gradually understand that “pull out the purple sword” can become a husband is just a fairy tale, gradually understand that “love you for ten thousand years” line is just a man’s self-relief, and “like a dog’s back” is not sarcasm, but a cruel reality.At this time, we understand the greatness of the film, we began to not go to form the so-called wulitou, analysis of the concept of postmodernism to the film, because it is great, no longer need these meaningless terms, because we provide began to read of flesh and blood, sentient beings a righteous life.Ask if any man can resist the wink and smile of Zixia fairy played by Zhu Yin, and ask if there is any girl who does not have the illusion that “my love is a hero of the world”.However, in real life, Zixia will become the spider’s spider or mosquito blood of supreme treasure?This is not the immediate people can decide, this is love in the real life of the attribute problem, individuals can not be detached from the reality of fate, will not be because of our secular self-flaunting a few words, will be able to change the nature of our body flesh.Then what is the meaning of life’s struggle and experience, choice and roar? The vision of zixia fairy, the uninhibited and free spirit of Zhizunbao, the posturing of sunset warrior, the figure of Sun Wukong dog, since they are all fleeting clouds and smoke, why do they cry themselves out?At the moment, He superficially thinks that the meaning of life is not whether he can get the results he wants.Like purple xia fairy guess the beginning, did not guess the end of the regret, like the king treasure helplessly buckle the gold hoop, like Stephen Chow and Liu Zhenwei to face “A Chinese Odyssey” just released when the embarrassment, like the last Stephen Chow and Chu Yin broke up after the end of the film love ending.No one is perfect, no one’s story is satisfactory, we are all just passers-by in a hurry in terms of results, and most of us are just a drift between heaven and earth in terms of importance.However, I am naturally useful, just like The sovereign treasure answered zixia’s question, “God’s arrangement is not enough for you to stink of fart”, so why so much hesitation?Love when you should love, try hard when you can, and if you fail, repeat “Prajna Paramita” at the worst.But even so, we still cannot escape the tragedy of living as a dog.In the time of life, who has not been as free as the supreme treasure stage, but then we all met the life of the bull demon king.This fierce force warns us to find bai Jingjing, to protect the zixia fairy, to escort Tang Priest to get the scriptures, first put on the gold hoop through the bull Demon king this pass.Once those mature men in our eyes, the original scriptures of fate is a long distance, is each person’s gold hoop is not the same style, just everyone faces a variety of ox demon king have differences, but everyone comfort purple xia way have different, but who are not singing “pain, love and hate on the”, and who is not a chanting “there was a girl.Life is such, side bold pursuit, side regret to miss.Though we like the Monkey King yi tooth fierce bite the ox demon king, even if we were tight hoop extrusion deformation of the twisted head, we still can not change the “dog” back end, just at that time we head for more than a nuisance, buried a man forever in my heart, in the back to the world, to life far away, we have to prove himself to the world,Left a small mark in the world.See “a Chinese Odyssey to the West” we laughed, see “a Chinese Odyssey to the West” we cried, see “a Chinese Odyssey to the West” we froze.As we suddenly look back on the road of life, who became who’s passing, who became who’s return.The absurdity of life is such, however, we strive to struggle, twisted struggle, free and easy to turn around, and then we eventually left is a dog like figure.The so-called great, but also give up after the ruthless, golden staff power, also ultimately need to control the magic spell.But when we put on the golden armour and set foot on the colorful clouds, there is no juvenile frivolity, only to leave the sentimental years.