Details show the charm of science and technology, Weimar automobile again won the world’s major awards

2022-05-02 0 By

With the continuous maturity of artificial intelligence technology, people’s demand for cars is not only in transportation, but also more eager to enjoy intelligent and humanized driving experience.Known as the “no. 1 intelligent vehicle force”, Weimar automobile, based on the user’s use demand, seeks the best balance between human-oriented technology and humanized design, and strives to bring consumers both intelligent and humanized quality products.Full of personalized design models, for the pursuit of personality and self spiritual satisfaction of consumers, is almost no resistance.In terms of innovative design, WEIMar has been recognized by users and the industry.Looking back, Weimar won the 2018 iF Design Award for “innovative intelligent Interaction Design”, and three years later, Weimar won the 2021 Red Dot Award for “Automotive instrumentation themed application”.This unique creative “automotive instrument theme application” design, which was first applied to THE WAYma EX5, has received a strong response from the majority of users once launched.For example, the popular theme of “Space Odyssey”, “Weima Hero”, “Mars Project”, “Undersea world” and other dozens of features design themes, with different styles to meet the personalized driving needs of users.Focus on the horse car consumers is not hard to find, its top-selling EX5 ma, wei ma W6 are contracted SUV movement models of the atmosphere, and in early 2021, wei ma automobile founder, chairman and CEO said freeman shen, will open in the second half of the cars strategy, rich product line, further promote the intelligent new energy automotive technology experience.As promised, in the second half of 2021, Weimar’s first full-scene intelligent pure electric car — WEimar M7 made an amazing debut, which also heralds the opening of weimar’s “SUV+ car” dual-line layout, thus optimizing weimar’s product matrix.At the same time, based on weimar’s new product naming system, “M” is “Master series”.Weimar M7 is as forward-looking as ever in terms of appearance, interior decoration and hardware configuration.Weimar M7, representing weimar’s new intelligent development product concept, will be delivered in mass production in 2022, which also reveals that Weimar is speeding forward in the field of new energy vehicles with its advantages of high range and intelligence.