Attention!Omicron is not the flu. It bites!Thyroid patients should be protected

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Tianjin’s battle against the Omicron mutant has begun.Omicron is not the flu!It bites!Zhang Boli said: tianjin epidemic found that omicron infection has a trend of significantly younger age.The virus is highly infectious, but the symptoms are not obvious, stealth is also very strong, more easily scattered or concentrated outbreak.From 0:00 to 24:00 on January 9, 2022, 21 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Tianjin (all in southern Tianjin).Four new imported COVID-19 cases were confirmed.Two asymptomatic domestic cases and five asymptomatic cases imported from abroad were newly reported.The current outbreak in Tianjin is by far the largest number of local infections caused by Omicron in China.It is worth noting that the outbreak in Tianjin had already spread for some time and was insidious.Experts said: If it is clear that the source of infection in Anyang city was a college student who returned to Anyang city from Jinnan District of Tianjin city on December 28, 2021, it is speculated that the infected case in Jinnan District of Tianjin City may have been infected before the New Year’s Day.Which means the Omicron variant may have a longer incubation period.According to Baidu migration Map, people who leave Tianjin in a week go to Beijing, Langfang and Tangshan in Hebei province, and Beijing has the highest proportion of places to move out during the seven-day period.Many thyroid patients who should have had a check-up have been in trouble since the outbreak of COVID-19.So, in the face of the sudden mutation of omicron, thyroid patients how to “armor” comprehensive?First of all: reduce clustering: The Chinese New Year is coming. Special attention should be paid to washing hands frequently and not touching eyes, ears, nose and mouth.Secondly, a reasonable and healthy lifestyle: in addition to paying attention to a reasonable diet, we should also pay attention to the time of work and rest. It is suggested to get rid of the bad habit of staying up late, keep a good attitude, and open the window for ventilation every day.Finally, personal protection should be strengthened: during special periods, masks must be worn when going out. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face.Tips: The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is complicated. Please keep the strings of epidemic prevention and control tight at all times. There are thousands of prevention and control measures.Wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and do not gather or gather in groups. If fever, fatigue, dry cough, sore throat, loss of smell or other uncomfortable symptoms occur, go to fever clinic or designated hospitals for treatment and screening as soon as possible.We need to work together to keep ourselves healthy and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.