1 person visit New Year, send 7 relatives concentrated isolation!Just now, there was important news about the epidemic in Hangzhou!

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Visiting relatives during the epidemic is risky!On January 29, A close contact in Hebei district of Tianjin, identified as A, drove to Jinghai with his mother.After arriving at Jinghai, the two went shopping at a small store and a fruit store.Subsequently, in less than half an hour of time, two people rushed to the second uncle, three aunts, four aunts home visit, send boxing.He had to pay New Year’s greetings to his relatives before the festival, but he did not want to do so.After receiving the information that he was an informant, he felt regretful.During the Spring Festival, the large mobility of personnel increases the risks and hidden dangers of epidemic prevention and control. In addition, the rapid spread of the virus makes it extremely risky to hide “deep” and visit relatives.Facing the complicated and changeable situation we all want to be a good of his health responsibility on January 31, 2022, New Year’s eve, Shanghai residents nucleic acid detection write the latest outbreaks left left left yesterday (February 2) 0-24 when 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and the xinjiang production and construction corps reported cases of the new local 9 cases, 21 cases of tianjinThree cases were reported in North Hexi District, two in east Hexi District, two in Hongqiao District and two in Binhai New Area.Nine cases were reported in Guangdong, including 4 in Shenzhen, 4 in Yunfu and 1 in Huizhou.Two cases were reported in Beijing, including one in Fengtai district and one in Daxing District.1 case in Zhejiang province, hangzhou city.A new asymptomatic case was reported in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on January 31, 2022, on New Year’s Eve, Shanghai residents took nucleic acid tests.Community has been cleared!This afternoon, Hangzhou held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control, introducing the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control and taking questions from journalists.At the meeting, 113 cases have been reported in Hangzhou, including 50 cases in Binjiang, 44 cases in Fuyang, 14 cases in Xiaoshan, 2 cases in Gongshu, Shangcheng district and 1 case in Xihu District.In terms of the number of cases, the inflection point has already occurred.In terms of the number of additions, it’s in the single digits.In terms of the channels of detection, all the new cases in the past five days were found in concentrated isolation sites.Comprehensive analysis shows that the epidemic has been eradicated in communities, and the next step is to shift from community eradication to quarantine point eradication.A batch of Courier tests positive for COVID-19 in Beijing?Last night (February 2), according to the online report of “Novel Coronavirus test positive in the same batch of express delivery at Taiping Bridge Street”, the police have found that this is not true.Panic broke out on January 31 when feng, 31, a customer service worker at an express delivery company, made up the lie in order to avoid customer complaints.After joint investigations and tests by CDC, postal service and public security authorities, it was confirmed that there were no false positive tests for COVID-19 in express delivery.On February 2, police in Chengde city, Hebei Province, where the Courier company’s customer service center is located, found the perpetrator, surnamed Feng, who confessed to his illegal behavior.At present, Feng has been chengde police administrative detention according to law.Sources: Tianjin Jinghai Rong Media, People’s Daily, Health Shanghai 12320, @Beijing Fengtai Public Security Bureau, Hangzhou Daily, etc