Xiao Zhan fans are too fond of rubbing sword net 3?Common terms all hit wrong, but also wrong to recognize NetEase?

2022-05-01 0 By

Hello, swordsmen. I am writing to you.Shaw war these days net 3 players between fans and sword, I believe you have seen enough, I want to in the beginning of this article, some shaw war fans, please stop your fabrication and human network violence, really is very not quality, of course, the next here refers to some no moral bottom line, invasive of privacy, fans,I don’t want you to always be the same.This time, we bring a joke, that is, a fan of Xiao Zhan (of course, I am very qualified, will code for him) posted a note on a red software, meaning that he is going to retire.I think it’s really a good guy. In this era, do you want to send a post to tell the world?I didn’t feel that way when I was taking a’s.As we all know, losing a game is actually a simple and simple process, and there is no need to tell anyone, maybe I will tell my friends and relatives in the best game, and I will come back when I want to.Put aside this, a little played sword net 3 people can see the flaws in this post, really very funny, do not know the sword net three is magic under the game, came out when the spirit of the shareholders, do this post fans also spent 330,000?So noble that he got the company wrong?And I will bring you the right answer, black when also want to do a good job, do not write wrong oh, otherwise it is very easy to see it: NetEase trading platform called Treasure pavilion, and three sword account trading platform called Manbaolou, the sword three think is under the NetEase platform?Combining the Hidden treasure and the Marlboro into a Marlboro?This preparation can’t be done properly!Finally in the next novel, in fact, this matter has lasted for several days, sword net 3 also picked up legal weapons, ready to solve this matter, I hope some fans do not push their luck, not to pretend to be a spiritual shareholder or steal map steal map, even if crowded in is also an outsider oh!Because the game can be seen and recognized at a glance, so only by the civilization of the monkey role ~