Who would win a Tyson VS Lewis fight in its heyday?

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Hero s different lewis was born on September 2, 1965, tyson was born on June 30, 1966, tell from the age of two people is a generation, but the height of the two difference is very big, a hero in the late 1980 s, a dominating in the late 20th century ninety-nine generation, in this sense they are two generations.Tyson at his best From 1986 to 1989 was Tyson at his best.During this period, Tyson beat Burbic, Smith, Tucker three current boxing champion unified heavyweight boxing, in a series of title battles to beat the former Olympic champion Biggs, former boxing champion Holmes, Tubbs, Spink and the British star Bruno and other masters.The final victory of Tyson’s career came in 1991, when he defeated Ruddock the Razor twice.Lewis vs. Holyfield The Lewis dynasty had its heyday from 1997 to 2000.During this period, Lewis under the guidance of the famous teacher Stewart has defeated Michael McCall, Holyfield WBC, WBA, IBF three boxing title belt earned a championship.He defeated akinwish, Golotta, Briggs, Mavlovich, Grant, tua and other famous fighters in the title fights held in different periods and established his position in boxing history.Representative co-opponent biggs: Tyson knocked biggs out in seven rounds in 1987.In 1991, Lewis knocked out Biggs in three rounds.Tucker: In 1987, Tyson beat Tucker in 12 rounds.In 1993, Lewis beat Tucker in 12 rounds.The difference was that Tucker was the IBF heavyweight champion when he fought Tyson and was in better shape.Bruno: Tyson fought Bruno twice.In 1989, he knocked out his opponent in the first five rounds.1996 – World War II 3 round knockout.In 1993, Lewis knocked Bruno out in seven rounds.Ruddock: Tyson fought Ruddock twice in 1991, defeating him by a 7-round knockout in the first round (a controversial decision) and by 12-round points in the second.In 1992, Lewis knocked out Ruddock in two rounds.Tyson’s height and arm span were both 1.80 meters. In his heyday, he was quick in reaction, quick in movement, and flexible in dodge. He was good at crushing opponents at medium and close range with a combination of storms.With a height of 1.96 meters and a wingspan of 2.13 meters, Lewis is a master of power, speed, reaction and flexibility. He is a master of medium and long distance control fights. His forehand jab is fast, powerful, consistent and accurate, which is a sharp tool to frustrate enemies.Endurance is good, the defect is to fight against the ability to play a little poor.What would have been the battle of the Dragons if the two had met in their heyday?Tyson opening attack quickly, he entered the state very quickly, with fast moving and iconic body swinging near lewis, for a continuous punch attack, with quick slide after lewis is the fast and powerful straight combo over rival, once tyson into inner, lewis immediately cuddle down dissolve tyson melee attack, and the chance to consume physical opponents.Tyson was very aggressive in the first six rounds, leading his opponent in points.In the second half, Tyson’s physical strength declined and the pace of attack slowed down, so Lewis took advantage of the opportunity to launch a counterattack. However, fearing Tyson’s heavy punches, Lewis mainly attacked with one-two combos, hitting mostly single punches, which was difficult to pose a fatal threat to Tyson with an iron jaw.Neither side could do anything to the other and the match ended up going 12 rounds.Tyson edged out his strong opponent by a narrow and controversial number of points.