The beauty revealed that the private cinema has a “big bed room”, most of the customers are college students, what do you think?

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A former beauty at a private cinema in Xiamen revealed the truth about the private cinema. The goddess worked in a private cinema for two years, and she knows the tricks.The beauty chose to leave her job mainly because she asked for a raise with her boss, who ultimately refused.The beauty revealed that the private cinema has a “king-size room”. We may wonder why the cinema needs a “king-size room”.In fact, this kind of private cinema with “big bed room” is actually suitable for lovers or couples. It has the function of cinema and hotel and can provide more interest and enjoyment to some lovers or couples.In fact, this type of private cinema, in a lot of places, is not strange things, but because the fee is more expensive, so, the average person may not be very clear.So who are the main customers of this private theater?Most of the customers are college students according to the introduction of the retired beauty, 50% of the customers of this private cinema are college students, and they can watch all kinds of relatively new movie resources. The movies shown in the general cinema can be watched in the private cinema the next day, and they are ultra hd movies.In fact, the main attraction is that the cinema’s luxurious private rooms, not only sofas, but also beds and bathrooms, you can shower, no cameras.According to the introduction of the retired beauty, she often saw some middle-aged people in their 40s and 50s, with young and beautiful college students in their 20s, coming to the movies. In fact, we all know what they really want to do.In general, we know from the departing beauty that this private theater may have been a platform for some kind of illicit relationship.Of course, you can’t blame the private theater, after all, it’s just doing its best.Theater owners can satisfy special requirements but have a bit, even the theater owners do not so good, controversial, according to the departure of the beauty of the introduction, the theater owners, can satisfy some special requirements, the boss for each compartment has prepared a U disk, the content inside is not clean.Of course, the owner of the cinema will not take the initiative to introduce, some regular customers to the boss, or to the attendant put forward relevant requirements.Visible, this cinema boss to make money, also used a bit not quite clean means.However, from the legal point of view, the cinema owner, in fact, not too guilty.And, of course, these types of establishments provide space for criminals to exploit.Moreover, the influence of such cinemas on society is not so good.But at the same time, more people just go to the movies, so we can’t just kill them.What do you think about that?Such private cinemas can exist and need not be blamed, but there are a few caveats.First, private cinemas must comply with the law. Some private cinemas do not even need id card registration, which is actually very bad.Because, some special occupation of women, will choose such places to trade, because they do not need an ID card, so the risk is very small.So, the compliance of private cinema is very important.Second, while ensuring users’ privacy, private cinemas also need a certain bottom line. For example, the boss of the outgoing beauty will provide some special U disk, which is the performance of no bottom line.Generally speaking, this kind of private cinema still needs support, but it must be a regular operation, can not become a vulgar place to hide filth.Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author