Maoyanhe town, Yongding District: Spring Festival sanitation does not close stick to the post busy cleaning

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Red net moment Zhangjiajie on February 2 news (correspondent Wang Zhiping) February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year.Early in the morning, a group of sanitation workers wearing green reflective vests stand out on the market town and village roads of Maoyanhe town in Yongding district. They are maoyanhe’s “beauticians”.These sanitation workers stick to their posts, silently dedicated to the cleanliness of the Maoyan River.The group of sanitation workers work at 6 a.m. to clean and leave at 5 p.m. each day, constantly checking to make sure the roads are clean.When asked if they feel a little sorry for not being able to work with their families during the Spring Festival, many sanitation workers said with a smile that although they have to work during the Spring Festival, they are also very happy in their hearts, which has become a habit.”During the Spring Festival, there are a lot of people traveling. We are happy to see that the streets we have cleaned are clean and people feel comfortable walking on the streets.”Zoomlion heavy Science and Technology maoyanhe town in charge of garbage transport Shi Xinquan said.During the Spring Festival, everyone is immersed in the festive festival of visiting relatives and friends, but maoyanhe town more than 60 cleaning and garbage transport personnel still stick to the front line, to provide a clean and clean environment for the masses of people.After setting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve and paying more visits to the countryside, garbage has increased significantly in recent days, and the workload of sanitation workers has also increased.During the festival, maoyanhe town’s more than 60 cleaning and garbage transport personnel all work normally, on the same day, more than 50 tons of garbage cleaning, market town and village road around the clock cleaning, to ensure that the main road and village road always keep clean and tidy.Source: Rednet Zhangjiajie station author: Wang Zhiping Editor: Shu Xin