Looking forward to!This year bayannur city will do a good job in addressing these issues

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The best way to run government is to put people’s wellbeing first.Grasping the pulse of people’s livelihood and solving people’s livelihood problems has always been the governing goal of the Municipal Party Committee and government.”We will continue to do our best and do what we can. No matter how complicated the situation is or how tight our financial resources are, we will do everything possible to ensure that the people’s livelihood is well cared for, and we will provide the basic public services that the people have been waiting for for years.”From this year’s government work report, we can see the firm and determination of Bayannur City to improve people’s livelihood.In 2022, the city will continue to give high priority to the work related to the people’s livelihood, and continue to increase input. A number of projects will be implemented to address people’s concerns, worries, and worries, so that people will have a better sense of gain, a more sustainable sense of happiness, and a more secure sense of security.Employment is vital to people’s wellbeing.This year, the city will strengthen the employment priority orientation, make every effort to stabilize employment and ensure employment, carefully implement the policy of assisting enterprises to stabilize employment, and strengthen employment services.We will focus on employment for key groups such as college graduates, retired military personnel, and people who have difficulty finding jobs.Over 8,000 new jobs were created in urban areas, 125,000 jobs were found in rural pastoral areas, and zero urban households with zero employment were dynamically eliminated.We will place more emphasis on talent work, take extraordinary measures to build more platforms for talents to display their talents, provide better services, introduce talents with precision and flexibility, cultivate talents with down-to-earth attitude, use all kinds of talents, retain talents by every means, and enable talents to achieve their careers.Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood.This year, zhuhai will vigorously improve school conditions, build 5 kindergartens including the Fifth Kindergarten of Urat Middle Banner and 2 primary and secondary schools including Chenfeng School of Hangjin Rear Banner, and promote the site selection of Wulashan Experimental School of Urat front Banner.We focused on improving the ranks of teachers, encouraged public kindergartens to manage the total number of staff and independent development of school-run kindergartens, and included all funds for teaching and administrative staff into government budgets.We will deepen reform of the performance-based pay system for primary and secondary schools, and ensure that salaries are based on posts and merit.Education of various kinds of high quality development as a whole, continued ascension “ShuangJian” effectiveness, to support region banner for high-quality acceptance, the balanced development of the national compulsory education support hetao college to strengthen the construction of subjects, support vocational college of fine arts in Inner Mongolia and double, bamboo forest, criterion more show, hon wen and other public people help and more standardized, more quality development in private schools.Health is essential to people’s livelihood.This year the city continues to promote the construction of a healthy Bayannur city.We will strengthen capacity building and hierarchical management of disease control agencies, improve the comprehensive service capacity of community-level health institutions and the treatment capacity of hospitals, and build a second municipal hospital.Integrate medical resources of Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mongolian Hospital, and promote the construction of national regional medical center with Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University.The patriotic public health campaign has been carried out to consolidate the achievements made in building a national health city, and 17 special actions have been carried out to promote health in Bayannur, including national fitness, mental health promotion and tobacco control.Social security is a “safety net” for people’s livelihood.This year our city will continue to improve the level of social security.We will fully implement the plan for universal participation in basic medical insurance, implement national pooling of enterprise employees’ old-age insurance, actively promote regional pooling of basic medical insurance, and steadily raise subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents and people living in extreme poverty, with the participation rate of basic medical insurance remaining at over 95%.We strengthened services for the elderly and the young, mobilized efforts to increase the supply of elderly care and childcare services, and the coverage of community elderly care services reached over 90 percent.At the same time, this year the city will do a solid job in urban construction of people’s livelihood.We will continue to jointly build urban areas, and speed up efforts to solve longstanding problems in central urban areas, such as “lingering dilapidated” and “incomplete demolition.”We will carry out urban renewal initiatives, renovate 4,412 house blocks and 87 old residential areas, and accelerate the improvement of urban infrastructure such as roads, water supply and drainage, heat and gas supply, and Internet communications.A number of “pocket parks”, green trails and other leisure Spaces will be built.We will basically solve the “three difficulties” in the real estate sector, and implement the practice of “handing over certificates of ownership upon delivery” of new commercial housing across the board, so that people can hold the keys in one hand and the ownership certificate in the other.We will strengthen fine-grained urban management, attach great importance to maintaining urban public security, comprehensively improve property services, guide and regulate citizens’ civilized behavior, and make our city a better place to live.Source: Bayannur Daily Editor: Qiao Hong