Is life hidden in the face?What are the signs of longevity?Might as well check list

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Longevity has always been a concern of people. For example, in ancient times, there were many places in China that tried to achieve immortality, but almost all failed in the end.So far, many countries are still working on the topic of immortality, but the results have not been a big breakthrough.With the further development of human thought, more and more people come to realize that man, as a member of nature, may not be immortal at all.However, we can have a long and healthy constitution through a variety of ways and means. The so-called long and healthy constitution mainly refers to that when people enter the state of old age, they are still very healthy and rarely affected by certain diseases.In fact, whether a person has a long and healthy constitution, some of the characteristics of the body has been explained, into the middle age can pay more attention to the state of the face, if you find the following performance, maybe belong to a long and healthy constitution, really worth celebrating.Is life hidden in the face?What are the signs of longevity?Might as well check the red lips may be daily life most female friends are very concerned about the state of the lips, if the lips are red and shiny, then can reflect the external temperament of the individual, if the lips pale, then it gives a person a sick feeling.So in order to cover up this pale situation, some women in daily life will also put on lipstick to compensate.In addition to applying lipstick, you can also observe your lips in the mirror in your daily life. If you find your lips are ruddy, it may indicate that you have a long and healthy constitution.Because there are many capillaries and sensitive nerve tissue around the lips, the condition of the lips can reflect the health of these tissues.Healthy blood vessels in the body are more conducive to a long and healthy constitution, so remind you to look in the mirror more often.Teeth are hard. Many people should be familiar with the situation of loose teeth or tooth loss in the elderly, and even some people have lost all their original teeth after they get older, so they need to wear dentures to chew food.In fact, the condition of teeth can also reflect whether a person has a long and healthy constitution. If the teeth are relatively hard, it means that the gums are very healthy and the body is relatively healthy.Anyway, if you obviously feel loose teeth or other abnormal feeling, then you should pay more attention to, if the timely adjustment may improve.The look has god traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the look in the eye has very big contact with the spirit in the eye, do not have too big relation with the size of the eye instead.So if you find yourself with very small eyes, you can still have bright eyes, and having bright eyes can also make you look vibrant and energetic, which is also a sign of longevity.On the contrary, if you find yourself with dull eyes, dull eyes or obvious wrinkles around the eyes and dark bags under the eyes, then you should pay more attention, because the reason for this phenomenon may be related to poor health.You can combine the above points for self-examination, of course, if you do not meet these criteria do not need to worry too much, because a long and healthy constitution can be acquired.If you want to develop a healthy and longevity constitution, then diet may need to pay more attention to, after all, diet is one of the things we must do every day, learn to rule a healthy diet is more conducive to maintaining a healthy state of health, then what diet habits are more conducive to develop a healthy and longevity constitution?The following goods need more attention.In recent years, with the variety of diet, many people may have bad eating habits. For example, more and more young people like to eat all kinds of junk food.These junk food looks very delicious and can satisfy people’s appetite, but in fact, it is not good for health. If people eat junk food regularly, it will not only cause harm and burden to their health, but also may cause malnutrition and nutritional imbalance.In daily life, some middle-aged and old people will also follow suit. Young people choose to eat junk food. They do not know that the health status of middle-aged and old people is quite special.With the development of agricultural planting technology, more and more out-of-season food appears on people’s table. Many people may feel that eating out-of-season food is a very novel thing, which can also replenish enough nutrients for the body.As everyone knows, it is actually not good for your health to eat food that is out of season. Those so-called food that is out of season may seem more delicious, while light food contains few nutrients and may use ripening agents and other ingredients in the process of cultivation.So often eat anti-season food, may cause a certain impact on the body, for those aged in the elderly, but should take the initiative to stay away.Many people may think that fermented food contains harmful bacteria, which is not good for health, but they do not know that probiotics and harmful bacteria will be produced after fermented food. After these substances enter the human body, they can not only maintain the balance of gastrointestinal flora, but also promote gastrointestinal motility and improve indigestion.Natto yogurt and so on all belong to fermented food, so when you are older, if you want to have a long and healthy constitution, you might as well consider eating fermented food, it may be good.White sugar can be regarded as a common condiment in our kitchen. Many people may add white sugar to flavor and improve freshness when cooking.In fact, for middle-aged and elderly people, it is not good to eat white sugar regularly, because the sugar content is relatively high, too much sugar into the body will not only be converted into heat, resulting in obesity, but also may affect the stability of blood sugar, induced high blood sugar.So from a health point of view, like white sugar or some food with high sugar content, I hope you can touch as little as possible, don’t take it seriously.In addition, you also know the elderly should pay attention to what food behavior, welcome to speed up the comments.