Bicolor 22012 lottery, the big prize this blowout 9 notes, including three provinces each open two notes

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The drawing numbers of the 2012 double-color ball are red ball: 4, 7, 8, 29, 30, 31, and basketball: 01.There was no double number this time.In this period, only three district numbers were opened, three decimal numbers were selected, accounting for half of the red ball, three district numbers were selected, one singular number, four district numbers were selected, the overall ratio of odd and double is 4:2, the first district numbers are hot, blue code this time out the smallest number, or ok.There are three numbers, two singular and one even, among which 04 and 07 belong to the hot number.It will be opened 10 times in 50 periods.”08″ is a cold number, ranking second to last in the charts, with 50 issues only released five times.Sector two is not so good this time, not even a number.The number 29 in area 3 belongs to the cold number, and the number opened in phase 50 is 7 times.Four area out of a group of double number, above a single double two number, but 30 belongs to the cold number, 50 period opened 7 times, 31 on the contrary belongs to the hot number, 50 period opened 12 times, belongs to more.This time the red ball is more cold, the red ball cold heat ratio is 5 to 1.Basketball 01 is also particularly hot number, 50 issues opened 6 times, ranked first in the heat list.The jackpot was increased by five and drawn by nine, with an odd prize of $7.3 million, $2.7 million less than in the previous round.First prize winning situation: Inner Mongolia 2 bets, Heilongjiang 1 bet, Zhejiang 2 bets, Fujian 1 bet, Hunan 1 bet, Guangdong 2 bets, a total of 9 bets.The second prize was 68 more bets this time, and the prize money alone was 100,000 less, only 134,000.The third prize was also increased by half, with 2,249 notes.Single prize of 300 yuan.The fourth prize is 1,918461 and the odd prize is 10 yuan, which is unchanged.The sales volume of this period is 432 million yuan, and the accumulative amount of the first prize pool of the next period is 1.457 billion yuan.This period lottery is also the last period before the year, no winning or no winning, their psychology should also have points, but not winning to have a good New Year’s day, next year to start again, together in the big prize, I hope everyone in the New Year can be happy to make big money.