Yueyang Forest paper latest announcement: subsidiary signed a voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction project forestry carbon sink resource development contract

2022-04-30 0 By

Yueyang Forest Paper announced that the subsidiary signed the “Greenhouse Gas voluntary emission reduction Project Forestry carbon sink resource development contract”, the first phase of development area of 500,000 mu.The president of the company is Ye Meng.Mr. Ye Meng: Born in January 1968, Chinese nationality, master degree, senior economist, served as the chairman of the company from February 2020 to now, and is now secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Tegelin Paper Group Co., LTD., secretary of the Board of Directors, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Yueyanglin Paper Co., LTD.Former yueyang paper co., LTD., deputy general manager of hunan Thai green paper group co., LTD board secretary, chief economist, general counsel and deputy general manager, vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission and party secretary of yueyang paper co., LTD. (and), Thai green paper group co., LTD., deputy general manager, party committee member, YueYangLin paper co., LTD., chairman of the supervisory board,Assistant to the general manager of China Paper Investment Co., LTD., deputy General Manager of Yueyanglin Paper Co., LTD.He served as director of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., LTD.The above content is compiled by Securities Star according to public information, if you have any questions, please contact us.