Today, the beginning of spring

2022-04-30 0 By

Today at 4:51 when you and I are dreaming for a long time spring has finally come “far back to the wild goose blowing clouds fly, near the water fish burst into ice” east wind to send warmth, insects recovery under the hard ice is lively life spring immediately brewing vitality and vitality “sunrise wind and hangover wake up, mountain family happy full of remaining years” reunion after a long separation,”If you stay in the woods and flowers are like brocade, you will see the flowers when you go out.” Although the weather is still cold, the heart is warm. Spring scenery as long as you enjoy the rain from the east wind, you will enter the spring in heaven and earth.Seemed to be able to touch the prosperous all are familiar with everything and are brand new nonyl Yin in spring, there is a great we look forward to for a long time, Beijing Olympics spring came to the games opening revival by ice with snow we await the moment of the Olympic flame illuminated the sky it as warm as spring, bright to people love in the spring of hope to find things out yan yan my pleasant spring size for nonexclusive withstand windBlowing snow to wish ice and snow athletes brave achievements, dream arena!I also wish you on the way forward in the New Year, smooth sailing!Keeping in good health Tips Spring warm and cold big temperature difference between day and night after the start of Spring, we have to “cover” appropriate increase or decrease clothes more open Windows to keep the air fresh diet attention to less acid more sweet food taste slightly sweet sweet food such as spring bamboo shoots, yams, red dates and lily, pears, longan, tremella and other fitness classes are not happy to eat fat?We recommend a fat burn action: jumping jacks to tighten lumbar abdomen arm forced tighten up the arm back force with the shoulder force down the arm with his arms drive body feet opening and closing the calf jumping as relaxed as possible, not bow, lifting their whereabouts of your arm up inspiratory expiratory ankles, knees relaxed abdominal always tight source: xinhua reprint please indicate the source left