Short track speed skating is so cold!Chinese star Sun Long out, Wang Meng harshly criticized, Liu Shaolin broke the Olympic record

2022-04-30 0 By

Sun Long was knocked out of the men’s 1500 meters quarterfinal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 9, Beijing time.Wang Meng criticized, “I didn’t understand!”In addition, Liu Shaolin was in excellent condition and broke the Olympic record.In the 1000m race, Liu Shaolin crossed the finish line first, but was judged to be a foul, the gold medal belongs to Ren Ziwei!South Korea, which boasts the world’s no. 1 short-track speed skating team, has won three gold MEDALS, two to China and one to Italy.At one point, the South Korean team appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, arguing that the referee was unfair.In the first group, Hungary’s Liu Shaolin was in great form, breaking the Olympic record by skating 2:09.21.In the second group, Sun Long, the new star of China, was knocked out unexpectedly. He only ranked 4th in the group. It was a pity that he was eliminated.South Korea’s Lee Joon-seo won the group 1 to advance.In the third group, hwang Dae-hun, the favorite to win the championship, appeared. He was once ranked 5th, but his personal strength was still strong, and finally advanced to the first place in the group.In the fourth group, Park Jang-hyuk played with 11 stitches on his hand because of an injury he had suffered in the 1000 meters race.Park jang-hyuk also has good personal strength. He is expected to drop from second to third in the ranking, but he is sure to advance.The fifth group, Chinese young zhang Tianyi unfortunately fell out of the track, the final is also no promotion!For The Chinese team, the pressure came to Ren Ziwei here, two young players are out.In the last group, Ren Zi Wei enters.I have to say, with the Olympic champion, Ren Ziwei’s confidence and morale is not the same, under the circumstances of falling behind, Ren Ziwei accelerated, excellent performance, the group of the first place, with a time of 2:15.08!The same group, Liu Shaoang group 2, also completed the promotion!Overall, the Chinese team’s performance in this event was not satisfactory, with three players in the competition, two in the quarterfinals and only Ren Ziwei advancing to the semifinals.