Into the Qingming solar term Hengshui temperature will rise sharply after a short fall

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Tomb-sweeping Day, the fifth solar term of spring, falls on April 5.”All things grow at this time, are clean and bright”, so called “qingming festival”, this season temperature rises, rainfall increases, spring is thick, it is a good season for outing to enjoy flowers.In the past weekend, the temperature was also very appropriate. At 3 p.m. on The 5th, the temperature in most areas of our city reached about 26℃, and there was even a feeling of early summer.But in the meteorological sense, the standard for entering summer is: the average temperature is greater than or equal to 22℃ for 5 consecutive days.So, despite the rising temperatures, summer is still here.According to the forecast of hengshui Meteorological Station, the cold air will come back on the 6th.In particular, the highest temperature is expected to drop to 18 degrees Celsius.However, the cold air will come and go quickly. The highest temperature will rise back to 24 degrees Celsius on July 7, and will rise to 29 degrees Celsius on July 8. It is expected to break the 30 degree mark on July 10.Temperature fluctuations, the temperature difference between day and night, we had better use the “onion style dressing method”.In the sky, in the next few days, the city will continue to be sunny, but the spring wind is frequent, from the night of 5th to 8th, the wind is generally 3 to 4, and the gusts will reach about 6th in the day.In windy weather, please minimize going out. If you must go out, take windproof measures and stay away from areas where falling objects may occur.Specific weather forecast is: On April 5th night, sunny and cloudy, northeast wind level 3 to 4, minimum temperature 9℃;6th, clear to cloudy, ne force 3 to 4, gusts 5 to 6, 6 to 18℃;7, sunny, south force 3 to 4, 13 to 24℃;8th, sunny, south force 4 to 5, 14 to 29℃;9th, fine, 10 to 28℃;10th, cloudy, 17 to 31℃.Correspondent: Gao Chunxue and Wu Yan