How can I buy a relatively safe hair dye?

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When it comes to buying hair dye, we have to be clear about these points: one.If you don’t have gray hair and just want to change the color of your hair, you may want to go straight to the barber for a chemical dye.To save money, buy half plants and dye them at home.Of course, if you want to do tide color must go to the barber shop, tide color can not be done at home, involved to all your original black back, can do tide color.Tide color needs to fade, this needs professionals to operate to buy a bottle of plants at home can operate their own life color above these are you do not have gray hair just want to change hair color and consider, this kind of as long as they are not allergic can operate.Half plant condition is good can consider import small pack, commonly homebred also is ok.I don’t get it a few times a year anyway.Things like trees, oreja, etc.Two. This situation is white hair, the purpose is very simple, is to cover white hair for the purpose of hair dye.This kind of situation, my personal advice no matter which brand, must think about health and safety in the first place, because the cover white hair the hair color on average about once a month, and year after year to dye, many people unknowingly with more than ten years of 20 years, so this kind of situation must pass of products, not for other, just for yourself in the near future to beauty and health.To sum up, hair dyeing with plants and traditional Chinese medicine is the main consideration.Henna powder plant hair dye, although it is plant hair dye, but the formula is single, the late cover white hair need to add artificial auxiliary materials such as indigo powder, eggs, honey, aged vinegar, salt, etc., the operation procedure is more troublesome and time-consuming, I think there is no experience of hair dye yourself is not recommended to consider.And Chinese traditional medicine raises hair to catch hair powder formula more, pigment saturation later period does not need artificially to add any auxiliary material again, cover white hair easy operation, color unity is convenient and fast, more suitable for small white use.I am Sirui hair care, pay attention to me!Every morning from 7:30 to 9:30 in the studio we teach you how to dye your hair at home.Remember to add a concern about washing, care, ironing and dyeing can learn to understand consulting.