Evergrande does not want to quit Chinese football: even if the reform succeeds, it still needs to control the discourse power of Guangzhou team

2022-04-30 0 By

According to reporter Wang Xiaorui, among the four CSL teams in Guangdong province, the promoted Meizhou Hakka has started winter training, but there are no foreign players in the team.Although Guangzhou team has not started training yet, guangzhou Medicine may be in charge, but Evergrande Group does not want to quit, or hope to become the majority shareholder of the club after the stock reform.Among the four Chinese super League teams in Guangdong, meizhou Hakka is the most promising, and the team has resumed winter training after the Spring Festival, but there is no foreign aid in the team at present.But Meizhou hakka and not too big crisis, smooth access to the new season without too many problems.There is not much news coming out of Shenzhen at the moment, although there is talk of a FIFA complaint from Kardijk, but so far it has been a one-sided reaction from kardijk.Guangzhou 2 team, Guangzhou city’s share reform is relatively smooth, guangzhou related departments are also promoting gaC Group in Guangzhou city, and Guangzhou City’s original owner R&F Group, willing to step back behind the scenes.The shareholding reform of Guangzhou Football Team is more complicated. Although Evergrande Group has encountered a major crisis and may be unable to continue supporting the football project, evergrande group, which has invested nearly 20 billion yuan in Guangzhou Football Team, does not want to quit yet.Although guangzhou pharmaceutical group is expected to take over the Guangzhou team, but the relevant negotiations are still in progress.Evergrande Group hopes to continue to be the major shareholder of Guangzhou Football Team after the stock reform. GFC is only introduced as a strategic investment, just like its cooperation with Alibaba at the beginning, and Evergrande hopes to keep the right to speak on the football team.In addition, the amount of debt of Guangzhou team is very large, how to deal with the debt negotiation is also the key to the success of the future equity reform of Guangzhou team.