When I was no longer young, I fell in love with cloths and flat shoes

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Taking a walk in the evening, I found that it was only a few days’ time. Every clothing store on the street had already packed up all kinds of thick cotton-padded clothes and down jackets, and put on colorful light and beautiful spring clothes.I wonder if anyone would dare to wear clothes on the street when the temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius.Then I realized I was really old.If not in previous years, I am not at this time of joy, take the trouble to try from shop to shop?It’s the absolute truth that a woman will always have one less piece of clothing in her wardrobe.I am certainly no exception.As far as dressing is concerned, silk is always loved, but never dare to wear.A few light color very pick color of skin, also appear slightly drab.The rich color, and tropical plants like too warm and bright, in fact, it is difficult to get rid of that kind of senile autumn feeling.People of my age are too old if they don’t dress carefully.However, if you are brave enough, you can still play cute and tender.So don’t try anything that will make you look old.I grew to love muslin, linen and burlap clothes.A water small broken flower of fine cotton skirt, a twill cotton lace smoke grey cardigan small unlined upper garment, a jade ink blue flowers with burlap coat, as if on paper have just completed a ink and wash painting, the ink blue flowers with yellow flower, lining two pieces of leaves, aqua with wet rain gas as if “rain wet time”,It is easy to evoke the imagination of pure and fresh and elegant girlhood.But my girlhood had nothing to do with flowers, how poor and monotonous it was!Until high school, she wore her sister’s white shirt and black pants.During the school years, T-shirts and jeans were staples.Many years later, a schoolmate said to me, you were small at that time, but lofty and withdrawn, do not love to talk, often a cowboy fighting the world, look cold and unruly.How did he know that shy introverted family is poor but very sensitive self-esteem OF me, in front of those well-off classmates, in fact, is to hide the heart of self-abasement and uneasiness.Even t-shirts and jeans have brand strengths and weaknesses.I clearly remember xuemei sleeping on my top bed. She often wore a white letter T-shirt, light blue jeans and white running shoes. She looked so youthful and beautiful against her snow-like skin.Her jeans of Fun cost more than 400 yuan, and a pair of running shoes of whatever brand cost more than 600 yuan, which was my living expenses for a semester at that time.What a sad and unforgettable time it was for a girl who loved beauty without exception.I hinted at this slightly sentimental feeling in a letter to a friend.That year obedient obedient sensible little girl, know their own family circumstances, will not easily open mouth, to parents a female classmates have some flower skirt.In that light melancholy, youth seems to be dormant, I spent all my time in the library, spent their poor simple, but simple and full of young time.When I first started working, I probably had an extremely strong compensation mentality. Every month’s salary, except for the living expenses to my parents and the remaining money for food and books, I spent almost all of it on clothes.As if the youth premeditated for a long time, the young I thought that the material to the beauty of the can not or, finally can be unscrupulous with their own labor to dress up their own.Cinderella couldn’t resist dancing in her beautiful glass slipper. It was a time of reckless spending, fun and madness.The most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought I forget but look I’ll always remember: sky-blue patent leather with shiny rhinestones and python prints, transparent metallic spiky heels that looked extravagant and luxurious.As beautiful and beautiful round of shoes, but not comfortable, only through once, pointed heel unfortunately stuck in the supermarket rolling gate slot, watching the flow of people, is really embarrassed, only hate underground can not crack a seam, so that I can get into.On another business trip to Nanjing, the heels of my high heels got stuck in the narrow gap of the elevator and almost caused me to fall downstairs!After a false alarm, I put the shoes on the shelf.Never again did I dare to buy high-heeled shoes as thin as an awl.My lack of height was one of my teenage regrets, but the experience of wearing high heels turned into a nightmare that gave me heart palpitations.These two years because of the reason of leg disease, often walk, more do not buy those expensive and not good high-heeled shoes, even the slope with, popular some years before the bottom of the water platform.Can not wear high heels naturally many beautiful clothes will no longer ask, so naturally fall in love with cotton and linen clothes.Whether it’s a soft, delicate fabric or a linen that looks clear and gritty, it’s warm and smooth, comfortable and casual.Pair it with a variety of flat shoes.Canvas white sneakers, or soft leather soles, sandals.It’s so light and elegant when you walk, you can’t afford dust.Absentminded years have therefore become light up.That kind of quiet wan style, so gentle mood.The feeling of dressing, just like the mood at the moment.For example, on the road, you slowly walk, at the beginning of the prosperous eye, and then wind clouds, to be noisy gradually stop, and then can calm calm.In the gradual precipitation down the dense time, finally can get rid of impetuous, calm sitting in the corner of the years, and then can calm calmly old.The preferences of a period of time generally represent the state of mind at this stage.The same goes for clothes and even reading.My friend asked me, what do you want to do most after retirement?I said, it’s very simple, drop everything, go out and see.Then, find a quiet place to stop, read your favorite book, and write your own words.A sister on the Internet said that people should leave something behind when they are first born on earth.I think so.