The sale of 85,900 pairs of Haval H6!The choice of peer cost performance?The 2022 Pentium T55 is officially on the market

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Recently, we learned from the official faW Pentium that the 2022 Pentium T55 has been officially launched, with five models priced between 85,900 yuan and 104,900 yuan.As an annual model, the design has not been changed, providing two styles of front face, and for the configuration of adjustment.In terms of power, the new car continues to be powered by a 1.5T engine with a maximum horsepower of 169Ps and a maximum torque of 258Nm.The 2022 Pentium T55 will launch five models,1.5T automatic superior jump model (guidance price 85,900 yuan), 1.5T automatic jump model (guidance price 92,900 yuan), 1.5T automatic jump model (guidance price 97,900 yuan), 1.5T automatic jump model (guidance price 104,900 yuan).In terms of appearance, the design language of “sexy surface of light and shadow philosophy” is adopted. The large-size front air intake grille is designed with silver dotted lines inside, which has the texture of raindrops seen from a distance. It is matched with personalized big lamp groups on both sides, whose shape is similar to that of ancient weapons.The shape of the front enclosure is slightly moving, and the combination of blackened trapezoid and sharp folding Angle creates a sense of cutting to strengthen the performance and aggression of the new car.The side of the car body is connected with the front and the back with the waist line running through. The suspended roof is matched with the angular body, which has aesthetic feeling and also increases the interior space of the car.In terms of wheels, the new car is equipped with 18/19 inch aluminum alloy wheels to enhance the side air field.In terms of size, the new car is positioned as a compact SUV, with a length of 4437 (4475) /1850/1625mm and a wheelbase of 2650mm.In the tail, the new car uses a penetrating taillight design, irregular shape has a sense of design.At the same time, the car’s rear bumper added through the chrome decoration, and the front of the echo.The lower enclosure is equipped with a bilateral four-outlet exhaust layout, and the bottom is decorated with a similar diffuser to further enhance the sports atmosphere.Interior, the cabin personality atmosphere, the use of 12.3 inches of the central control screen, the car also used some silver chrome, the car also uses a flat bottom steering wheel, red stitching and other young elements, increased the whole interior texture, the whole design appears simple atmosphere.And according to the configuration of the different use of fabric and leather two materials of the seat.Can be opened, configuration, and the new logo with panoramic sunroof (jump, jump, except roof rack, d uphill auxiliary, HDC steep slow down, the engine start-stop technology, ordinary remote control keys, bluetooth/car phone (optimal step for manual), automatic air conditioning the rear diffuser, the car air conditioning/pollen filter, PM2.5 filtering device inside the car, and other functions.In terms of safety configuration, the new car is equipped with tire pressure monitoring system, ABS anti-lock braking, EBD/CBC braking force distribution, EBA/BA brake assist, TCS/ASR traction control, ESP/DSC body stability system, front main/co-pilot airbag, ISOFIX child seat interface and other configurations.In terms of power, the 2022 Pentium T55 is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 124kW and a peak torque of 258 N · m, matched with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.Chassis suspension, the new car adopts the combination of front McPherson independent suspension and rear torsion beam non-independent suspension.Conclusion:Comply to the level of the domestic SUV, you must first think of the wuling stars, after all, has the high attention, but at this price, and there are many silent and cultivated player without much publicity, but also take comprehensive strength, pentium T55 is one of them, comprehensive price and configuration level, the car also has a certain value,If the brand appeal is enough, it will have a good market performance.By Zhang Bolin