India is making “cow dung chips”, the government is promoting them and exporting them to the US

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While China is busy with its New Year feast, India is having a cow dung fight.It is well known that India is a “superpower”.Their Ganges water is a cureall, they could have a space station stronger than China by 2030, and they even have the world’s top cow dung chip.You heard me right. This thing, it’s made of cow dung.RKA, an Indian company, created the product.The CEO of the company also called it a step forward in Genesis and a cure for COVID-19.When the news broke, Modi did not calm down and immediately issued a speech of support.Considering the severity of the epidemic in beautiful countries, they plan to increase investment to realize the mass production of cow dung chips and export them to the United States in the future to help them solve the epidemic problem.Biden was about to fall on his face again.But indians don’t see it as weird and even celebrate it.Who isn’t happy that cow dung is on top of technology?After all, India has the largest number of cattle in the world, but they are not allowed to be slaughtered for meat due to religious beliefs.The position of cattle, but “under one god, above ten thousand people”.To some Indians, bathing in cow dung is “bathing in grace”;On the way to meet “god cow”, but also to bow down.In the past, cattle were used to pull plows and contribute greatly to food harvests, acting like an important “family member”.Now, with mechanization, many parts of India, however poor, are equipped with simple farming machines.When cows are out of work, they have to be fed.But the cost was too high, so they started releasing cattle.As a result, the village streets and cities of India were filled with sacred cows.Plus they breed out of order, so many cows are crowding out people.The Indian government has set up a National Cattle Council to mobilize social capital to take care of stray cattle.But it was more expensive, and the capital was not vegetarian, so they thought about it and decided to adopt the “cow to cow” approach, making money with the cow and raising the cow with the money.Cows are not people. You can’t send them to work in a factory, can you?It’s impossible to pull a plow in the ground. It’s nowhere near as fast as the machine. No one will use it.But cows have five treasures: milk, ghee, butter, cow urine, and cow dung.The first three have created economic value, what about the last two?They made a “fairy water” out of cow urine and claimed that drinking it could cure all kinds of diseases.It soon became a hit in India, with the rich paying for it and the poor chasing the cows.As for cow dung, it used to be dried and used for cooking.But the profits are too low for capital to dry up.In their “efforts to study”, cow dung soap, cow dung cleansing milk, cow dung toothpaste was born.Since so many cattle are free range, the National Cattle Council has set up “dung collectors” to find “raw materials.”But after a flurry of work, we found that the interest is still low.How can “sacred cow” do such a low-level industry?To do, do the highest level of “science and technology dung”!Then the “cow dung lamp” was born.India has a famous “Diwali” festival, every time this festival, many people gather together and light up the lights.Capital seized the opportunity to vigorously promote the cow dung lamp, and even urged people to boycott other material “lamp”.Soon, the cow dung lamp took over the big market.Now Indian capital is making chips out of cow dung and wants to replace those in mobile phones.Among other things, which mobile phone can this chip, which is 12 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide, fit into?Doesn’t capital know something so unreliable as cow dung?Of course they do. They’re only fighting cow dung because people are willing to pay for it.They are religious and ignorant, too easy for capital to cajole.What’s more, the Indian society is in a state of great conflict, and the agricultural society has begun industrialization without understanding it.The sacred cows were caught in the middle and could not come and go.And the government is also playing along with the capital, just for a few votes in hand.They don’t care if it’s good or bad, they don’t care if there’s any value in cow urine or cow dung, they just need to please the people, pander to the faith and hold the vote.Under the capital and the government’s praise, the people’s thought, it is difficult to get rid of ignorance, India’s god cow, estimated will never fall “shrine”.