Hubei Shishou Rural Commercial Bank for mobile inconvenience customers to provide door-to-door services warm hearts

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“The service of RURAL Commercial Bank is so thoughtful!Thank you for coming to do business for us and solving our practical difficulties!”Recently, Hubei Province Shishou City, Ms. Liu repeatedly praised hubei Shishou Rural Commercial Bank tiaoguan sub-branch good service, can take the initiative for the sake of customers, is the people’s close bank.Originally, a few days ago, Ms. Liu came to adjust close branch, for her husband to handle cash withdrawal business.Li Yongxuan, a teller at the branch, checked the customer’s bank card and relevant IDENTIFICATION documents. The customer entered the bank card password according to the procedure, but the system showed that the password was wrong.After several attempts, li yongxuan told the customer that she could send her husband directly to report the loss of the password.According to the regulation, the password loss report must be handled by oneself, but the client’s husband was unable to move because of illness and urgently needed to withdraw money to buy medicine, the client Ms. Liu became emotional on the spot.The branch accountant Li Wanqin immediately came to the window patiently explained to the customer, considering the special situation of the customer Ms. Liu’s husband Mr. Chen, decided to open the “green channel”, in accordance with the standardized service process, to take door-to-door service in a special way.Li Yongxuan, the teller, immediately asked the customer, Ms. Liu, to return immediately to prepare relevant certificates and certificates, and registered her husband’s residential address.Later, Zou Zhilu, a teller at Tiaoguan Sub-branch, and Li Shuang, a new employee, took their lunch break and came to the home of Ms. Liu, a customer, with the application form for loss reporting and the letter of authorization.In front of her husband Mr. Chen’s bed, to Mr. Chen indicated the purpose of the visit, after verifying the relevant situation for him to handle the loss reporting procedures.Mr. Chen, who could not move easily, was very moved. After handling the matter, he firmly shook the hand of the staff at the door of the branch to express his thanks.Service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers is not only a service concept hung on the wall of the branch, but also a working practice deeply rooted in the hearts of employees and soaked in service details.In recent years, Hubei Shishou Rural Commercial Bank Tiaoguan Branch has opened a “green channel” for special groups such as the old, weak, sick, disabled and lonely old people with mobility difficulties, and has gained praise from the masses by sending services to their homes.Author: Liu Yun, Zou Zhilu Unit: Hubei Shishou Rural Commercial Bank Review: Chen Zhisheng