Download official APP from Android to iOS?

2022-04-29 0 By

Use apple’s official software: “Transfer to iOS”, Android phones can use Tencent App Bao download “Transfer to iOS” App.How do you move from Android to iOS?1. First go to Tencent App Treasure to search for “Transfer to iOS” App, download and install it.2. Ensure that the android phone and iPhone are on the same WiFi, ensure that the new iOS device and Android device are plugged into the power supply, and ensure that the new iOS device has enough storage space.3. Watch out for the “Apps & Data” screen when setting up a new iOS device.Then tap ‘Transfer data from Android Device’ and click ‘Continue’ to see a string of numbers.(Note: If you’re done setting up, you’ll need to erase the iOS device and start again.If you don’t want to erase the data on your iOS device, you need to manually transfer the content.)4. Open the “Transfer to iOS” App on android phone, click “Continue”, click “Agree”, see the search code and then click “Continue”, enter the code displayed on iPhone, and search the device.5. When iPhone device appears, click Connect 6. Data transfer will appear on iPhone and Android phone, at this time click continue 7.After the data transfer is completed, it will appear that the transfer is complete. Click “Finish” on Android to complete the data transfer.