“The killer is not too calm” national hot reflect, Ma Li Wei Xiang burst into laughter happy New Year spring

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‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> The New Year file explodes the comedy “this killer is not quite calm” in the national hot film!The film is produced by Yan Fei, Peng Damo, Xing Wenxiong scriptwriting and directing, Ma Li, Wei Xiang starring, Chen Minghao, Zhou Dayong, Huang Cailun and other stars, Alan friendship.In just four days after its release, the box office has surpassed 700 million yuan. Audiences on all platforms have received rave reviews, with Maoyan and Taopiaotiao scoring 9.2 points, Zhihu 8.1 points and Douban 6.9 points.Many comedians jointly recommended “The Killer is not too cool” as the first choice for the New Year’s eve family movie.’;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;& gt;Wei Xiang “neuropathy” acting makes people laugh in the drama outside the original heart persistent dream ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:bold;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:bold;> Wei Xiang, who plays Wei Chenggong in the film, has won many fans for his acting skills.Wei Xiang’s unconventional acting style is impressive.Many viewers said, “Wei Xiang’s comedy style is too strange, like a neurotic, but I love it”, “I noticed wei Xiang playing various supporting roles for a long time, and now he finally realized his dream as a leading actor, and he did not disappoint people”, “Wei Xiang’s performance was unexpected, is the man who took my laugh”.As Wei Xiang said in an interview, “From the beginning of my study in this industry to the past 20 years, most of my friends who have been with me since I was a student have changed their careers, so I am very lucky to have my first male film at this age.”Wei has honed his acting skills both on and off screen, and his years of acting experience have convinced the audience that Wei chenggong is the right one for him.’;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:normal;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:normal;& gt;The burden of dense laugh over the audience a total of emotional pull full comedy recommended ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:bold;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:normal;> As open in the first comedy, “the killer is not very calm with dense baggage successful harvest a large number of” tap water “, many audiences after on social platform express their affection for the movie: “not the kui is the first comedy open years, festive atmosphere feeling full”, “full bear is comedy, like a machine gun as output intensive smile play”.In addition, “Wei successfully translated Italian”, “Milan live wine” and other famous scenes in the film have also been repeatedly mentioned by the audience, many netizens said that the film has a lot of burden, high quality, laugh fruit deserved its reputation.It is worth mentioning that many comedians in the circle also spontaneously call for the film, comedian Wang Hao said after watching the film: “SEE I cry and laugh, as a comedy practitioner mercilessly empathic”, true feelings to fans to recommend “the killer is not too calm”, hot degree can be seen.’;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;font-weight:normal;> Movie this killer is not too cool by new media group co., LTD., west city rainbow film and TV culture (tianjin) co., LTD., zhejiang happy twist film co., LTD., tianjin cat’s eye lithography culture media co., LTD., tianjin reading film and TV culture media co., LTD., tencent pictures west rainbow hutong culture communication co., LTD., haikou produced by the film and TV culture co., LTD.’;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;> ‘;Font-family: Microsoft Yahei;The font – size: 10.5000 pt;>This killer is not very calm