Not a single primary school in a dozen neighborhoods?Response from Education and Sports Bureau of Xuanzhou District, Xuancheng City, Anhui province

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Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network big Anhui news “xuan city east gate railway east, there are twelve residential areas, but so many years, no primary school.”Recently, the citizens of Xuancheng reflect this problem.For this, xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui network, anhui news reporters conducted an investigation.As can be seen from the map, railway through the city from xuancheng city, most of the city is located in the west of railway, railway, water yangjiang avenue east to the west of the city there are some village has been built, including east early, before the city on the east county, mirror lake district, lihua century new city, YangDe county court, south lake new village, riverside garden, copper molybdenum dormitory, boat funds, and other color family.In these small areas, the zhou Fund color home is located in the south of Aofeng East Road, other small areas are located in the north of Aofeng East Road, xuanzhou district people’s government office building is also in this area.According to the map, apart from several kindergartens, there is only one school in the area, Xuancheng No. 8 Middle School.Beilin Campus of Xuancheng No. 2 Primary School and Xuancheng No. 5 Primary School are the two primary schools closest to the urban area, but from the map, there is a certain distance to reach the urban area.Is it true that so many communities do not have a primary school?Later, Xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui network, anhui news reporters inquired xuanzhou District 2021 compulsory education phase urban schools, rural school district division of the scope of the notice, the notice shows that “Jichuan street household registration, east of the Wanxi River,Oriental Yan Yuan, Qiancheng Shangdong County, Mingjing Lake district, Lihua Century New Town, Lvbaojia Garden, Yangde County Park, Nanhu New Village, station new village, Binjiang Garden, Copper and Molybdenum mine dormitory, etc. “, the primary school district of this range is Xuancheng No. 8 Primary School.Boat fund color home community because of distance from the city’s second primary school Bei Lin campus, the school district is delimit in the school.On February 16, the reporter contacted xuancheng No. 8 middle school, a staff member told reporters that the school was originally a junior high school, and then in order to facilitate the nearby community of school-age children in primary school, since 2015, the school’s primary school began to recruit students, currently there are 19 classes in the primary school, nearly 1,000 students.Although xuancheng No. 8 Middle School’s name is middle school, it is actually a nine-year school.The reporter learned from the education and Sports Bureau of Xuanzhou District in Xuancheng city that, in order to facilitate the students in the eastern part of the city to go to school, the planning and construction of the district mingjing Lake primary school, the address is located in the south of Yangde Road, mingjing Lake community north.The reporter noticed that on the website of the People’s Government of Xuancheng, in 2020, xuancheng citizens consulted about the progress of the construction of Mingjinghu Primary School. At that time, the relevant departments replied that “the relevant preparations such as relocation are being carried out.”On February 16, the reporter learned from the Education and Sports Bureau of Xuanzhou District that the Mingjinghu primary school is still in the phase of relocation, and there is a gas station in the planning plot that has not been removed, in addition to the fund-raising of construction is one of the reasons for the slow progress.Xin ‘an Evening News anhui network News reporter Cao Qing (Anhui network)