CAI authorities and K Ko Wenzhe!The commission said Taipei had not kept track of the number of “agong shops” for a long time

2022-04-28 0 By

Taiwan media reported that The CAI administration beat Ko Wenzhe again.An investigation by Taiwan’s Board of Audit found that wanhua “Agongdian” was the main transmission chain in the local outbreak last year, and the Taipei City government had long failed to grasp the actual number of families, so it was urgent to review the situation.In addition to the reports received, the Commercial Department does not actively inspect agong shops, and its passive attitude needs to be improved.According to the latest investigation report released by the Board of Supervision, Lin Guo-ming and Wang Li-zhen said that the local epidemic broke out in May last year. According to the public activity history of confirmed cases released by the Epidemic Command Center, the teahouse cluster event in Wanhua District, Taipei city, commonly known as “Agong Dian”, was also one of the main transmission chains.The commission pointed out that the Wanhua district teahouse, which was suspended in mid-May last year after the Taipei municipal government failed to grasp the actual number of “agong shops”, was among the 172 Agong shops listed by the Wanhua branch due to public security concerns, and the area was limited to the Longshan Temple area.”The COMMISSION” said that the wanhua branch had detected illegal escort or sex trade businesses, and the confirmed person’s fingerprints similar to the agong shop, because they are located in ximending area, not included in the scope of supervision or suspension of business;It is urgent for the Taipei City government to face up to and properly review whether such a practice can effectively contain the epidemic and whether there is any defect in the management of the reopened stores after the epidemic has slowed down.The COMMISSION also said that after the Taipei municipal government announced the suspension of business due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan, the Taipei Commercial Affairs Office obtained the list of 172 public shops listed by wanhua branch on May 13, 2021, only to learn that two of them had not registered for business.According to the wanhua branch, between 2018 and May 2010, 15 and 11 of 172 public shops were caught engaging in sex trade.A total of 20 illegal escort was seized, 14.However, the Department does not actively carry out inspections unless notified or reported. The control measures remain passive and need to be improved.