Adhere to the two children grow up together, and After the divorce of Wang Yuexin, Wu Yating humble take son is broken

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Recently, a variety show about divorce has aroused a lot of netizens’ attention.Wang Yuexin, Wu Yating, this was praised by many people as “the most husband and wife phase” star husband and wife eventually because of some of the contradictions of the past and clap two scattered.After the parents separate, the most worrying thing is undoubtedly the destination of a pair of children.On the show, wu yating, who is now single again, gets wet in her eyes when talking about her children, and the mother’s struggle with her ex-husband for custody of the children is also disturbing.Insist on two children grow up together, and Wang Yuexin divorce, Wu Yating’s experience is broken wang Yuexin and Wu Yating’s combination is not a real star couple, although Wang Yuexin is very early popular singer, but Wu Yating is the real outsiders.Two people are married, in Wu Yating’s memories, we learned that the baby in her stomach is no heartbeat, so had to be removed, but Wang Yuexin still decided to marry Wu Yating.Because in a guy’s mind, he marries a girl because he loves her, no matter whether he has children or not.But it was an enviable marriage that ended after just four years, during which time they had a son and a daughter, many happy times and what was once an enviable home.Wang Yuexin and Wu Yating divorce reasons are very conventional, poly less from more, weak feelings……But only they may know why.On the show, Wu said goodbye to her past with a smile, but when she talked about her children, her eyes were full of sadness.Wu Yating said the original two divorce, Wang Yuexin is ready to take a child, but she considered the other party’s usual work is too busy, even if it is to take the child will mostly throw the child to the family elders, so after serious consideration, she decided to keep the two children in their own side.How did Wu, a stay-at-home mother, fight her ex-husband for custody of their children?She used the word beg.Wu Yating said he was both soft and hard to Wang Yuexin, and finally almost begged him to put the two children together to grow up, because as a mother, she knew that only two children live together, they will establish intimate feelings between each other.In the end, Wu yating won. She managed to keep her son and daughter by her side, but her “humble snatching” process made countless precious mothers break the defense.Some people said that through Wu Yating’s story, we can see the sadness and helplessness of a stay-at-home mother. When women give up their career for the sake of family and children, when the gap between themselves and their partners is getting bigger and bigger, they even have to groveling for the custody of their children…More than a year after her divorce, Wu yating returned to work in order to raise her two children and start a new life.She now works as a hostess, a tough job but a new challenge for those transitioning from a stay-at-home mother to a working mother.In life, when some couples choose to divorce because of emotional discord, the fate of their children has become a problem that many parents need to think about seriously.Especially in two-child families, whether parents should take one child or let siblings grow up together, not only determines the environment of the child’s growth, but also relates to the cultivation of brotherhood.How should parents deal with the relationship with their children after divorce?Frankly speaking, the breakdown of parents’ marriage is a kind of harm to children that cannot be ignored, but the marriage itself that is forced to be maintained for the sake of children is meaningless and not good for the growth of children.After the divorce, although the marriage between the parents has been dissolved, but from the blood, they are still the father and mother of the child, so in addition to fulfilling the legal obligations, the parents should also pay more attention to and accompany the child.Second, no matter what the relationship is after the divorce, one parent should not denigrate the other in front of the children, so that the children do not become a grudge against their biological parents.Do you agree that after divorce, couples should insist that their two children grow up together?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!I am a bag mother, home has a cute baby, every day record and share temperature, height, depth of parenting experience and interesting talk, pay attention to me, at any time to obtain scientific reliable parenting dry goods!Let me know what you think in the comments or in the comments section!(The pictures in this article come from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete, thank you)