120,000 Timazda 3 Exela. What’s this car worth?After driving 650 kilometers, the owner said the truth

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of Mazda 3 Enxela, from Baise. The model I mentioned is “2021 2.0L automatic quality engine version “. The purchase price is 120,000 yuan, the driving distance is 650 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 7.0L.I did not plan to buy Mazda at that time. When I bought a car, I saw many cars of many brands. When I entered Mazda 4S shop, the red car deeply attracted me.Although very like Mazda aung Sarah this car, but car budget is not enough, can only buy the lowest, really struggle at that time, but finally bought the car, because dad like this car, feel the car suitable for girls, I liked, just give me paid for some of the money to buy the car.Although it is still a very low configuration, but fortunately it is automatic transmission, 2.0L power to drive comfortable, so I am very happy, dad is really the world’s most hurt my man.In terms of appearance, I like the styling design of this car very much, which firmly captures the heart of girls.I chose the signature car paint soul red color, beautiful, beautiful.The overall color of the interior is clever and looks particularly comfortable.The seats are not leather, so there is no smell on the car, and it is nice to have no smell.Three, comfort feeling nextgen, Sarah the car body is quite long, but it is not particularly outstanding in space, in front of the well, a little crowded back row space, is not particularly high for sitting height of men, I have a friend, her boyfriend is particularly high, a go out to play, sitting in my car, he’d retreat, some of the poor.However, it has no effect on my car. My boyfriend owns his own car and occasionally sits in my car as a co-driver.The car I bought lacked leather seats, but it was comfortable and felt more breathable.Four, driving feeling power for me is enough, I bought the 2.0L version, I usually only in the city car, sales consultant sold my car, also said that power girls in the city walking completely no problem.But when my boyfriend was driving my car, he said it started a little slowly and started very loudly.I’m not a very good driver, but I think my car really should be very easy to drive.The steering wheel is comfortable to handle, the steering is very accurate, and the car is very stable when steering or driving at high speed.In terms of gas mileage, the next generation Excelle has a naturally aspirated engine that gets better gas mileage, but the addition of a size 95 gives me the feeling that it is both economical and expensive.I just mentioned that the car has been traveling less than 700 kilometers for 20 days, and the current fuel consumption is 7 oil for 100 kilometers. After picking up the car, I have filled up twice in total, and there is still a lot of oil in the tank.1. Highlights of this car.There are a lot of favorite places, the next generation Of Excelle this car looks very good, my little sisters are very envious, have taken pictures with my car.Also, the zoomzoom- sound was very pleasing when I drove it.Interior design is very chic, not fancy, simple and practical.2. Deficiencies.What I’m not satisfied with is that the central control display is a little small. It’s not touch screen yet, so it doesn’t feel that advanced.There is why the same car, choose the soul red car paint also need to add 3000 dollars, I do not understand.3. Is it worth buying?The guide price of this car I bought is 129,900 yuan. Considering the preferential price, vehicle and boat use tax and insurance, the price is less than 140,000 yuan. I think this car is the most suitable car for me to drive among models under 150,000 yuan.