Urban management for the masses into the community to solve “difficult and miscellaneous diseases”

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Pudong Tangqiao Street is located in the central urban area, and the old residential areas account for more than 40% of the area, with high population density, high aging degree and aging community facilities…In the face of complex community affairs, urban management team members with excellent business ability, provide services for the community, timely solve the residents’ urgent problems.”Xiao Ren, there happened to be a matter that you came here. I would like to inform you that there is a pile phenomenon in a corridor, affecting residents’ travel.”Tangqiao street comprehensive law enforcement team of the “90 after” members of the same, just came to the opposite of the Blue village neighborhood committee, began to deal with a corridor pile of illegal behavior.Bicycles, oil cans and cardboard packaging were found to occupy limited public space.One morning, Ren Tong went to many communities and dealt with 5 consultation and complaint work orders continuously.The working rhythm like this is just an epitome of urban management in the community.Ren Tong, a member of the executive team, said: “In the past, we received complaints mainly through the 12345 hotline, when conflicts were usually big and difficult to handle.But now that I’m in the community, I can get closer to the people.”Tangqiao street Lancun mediation staff zhou Yanmei said: “residents complain to reflect the problem is relatively convenient, the time to deal with the problem is relatively fast.”As the work front “moves forward”, some long-standing problems that have been difficult to solve for decades have also been overcome one by one.”For more than 30 years, the pigeon shed has been on top of my house, and it has been excreted all the way to the bottom of the patio,” said Auntie Wu, a resident of the community.In view of this “difficult to chew bone”, the city management team again and again to communicate with the owners, to popularize the law publicity.In law enforcement offensive and warm feeling influence below, owner dismantled pigeon shed eventually by oneself.Aunt Wu also praised the coordination of urban management.Under the general pattern of community governance led by Party construction, the Urban management community Studio, as an outpost for grassroots squadrons to go deep into the social fabric, has become a platform for information exchange, legal publicity, coordination and disposal between law enforcement members and community masses, which has improved the public’s sense of closeness and satisfaction to urban management law enforcement.Responsible editor Ni Liqi photography li Li shangguan number author: Pudong Observation