True story “Childhood. That Thrilling Night”

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The moonlight was beautiful that night…My four sisters were eleven, and I was seven.In a moonlit night, I was suddenly woken up by my sister and asked me to go with her to hunt hogweed.I yawned and asked: Where to?It’s the middle of the night.Is the elder sister say: “zha still be big midnight!It’s getting late. It’ll be dawn soon.”I took her word for it, got dressed and got up.Together we took the basket and went out.In the moonlight, we seemed to walk into a sweet potato field.The sister looked in the basket and said, Ah!I forgot my knife.You wait here. I’ll go home and get it.I looked around. Dark shadows were dancing in the moonlight, and my lips trembled as I said: Sister, don’t leave me. I’m afraid here alone.”No, it’s close to home,” she said.You wait here. I’ll be right back.”Well!That elder sister, you can hurry up!I haven’t even left yet, and my teeth are chattering.The fourth sister laughed at me, “Look at you, you look like a coward.Afraid of what?”Then, grumbling left.After the elder sister left, my mind was drowsy and I suddenly woke up.I felt something strange under my feet, and in the moonlight I was surprised to see that I was seven years old in a rough graveyard.As I discovered my situation, fear seized me. My hair stood on end and my legs gave way.My heart is pounding. I want to get out of here as soon as possible.But my legs couldn’t move. Suddenly, I saw a house not far away.And I remembered that it was my classmate’s home.I thought if I could go and knock on the door, I wouldn’t be scared to death.I tentatively moved forward a little bit, unconsciously, has been out of the graveyard.I arrived at the door.Summon up the courage to seize the lock hook on the door and beat the door frame hard, but also exhausted all his strength to call my sister’s name.I don’t know if I was frightened and lost my head. My legs and legs were like a demon, and I couldn’t stop shaking like a sieve…Ming Ming knocked hard, but there was no strength in his hand.Those who shout loudly can be heard only by themselves.(2) What happened to the horrible pond?Why haven’t I come yet?I was so anxious that TEARS came to my eyes.I’m afraid of everything, and I feel something behind me, just as I turn around.In the lotus pond near the graveyard, white smoke was floating.I am looking at that white gauze skirt like mist trance, a shadow that looks like a woman as white smoke, if if if slowly floated over.The woman seemed to be wearing a white dress with long hair down to her waist.Ah!Could it have been a hallucination, or could it have been a real encounter with a water ghost?I once heard the old man say that water ghosts who drown in the river always come out at night to look for a substitute.The more I thought about it, the more terrified I became, the more terrified I became, the more I trembled.If you want to shout, you can’t shout. If you want to run, you can’t run.In despair, I thought that this finished, do not happen to meet the devil.Just in the moment of panic, two dogs were heard barking.When I looked back, the woman in the white dress had disappeared behind a tree.Listen to the old man said, the ghost is most afraid of cock crow dawn.Stay up till dawn. I’ll be safe.Now that the ghost is gone, I’ll run.As I thought, I looked at the barking.It was a big yellow dog, sticking out its tongue, wagging its head and tail at me.3) Appreciate the company of Big Huang, the dog is intelligent, as if sensing my danger.He used his bark to help me out of danger.There is no turning back.He ran out of the graveyard and met a ghost again.Dogs are, after all, man’s companions, and now only the great yellow dog can give me courage and companionship in times of crisis.An unprecedented desire to survive forced me to try to move one step at a time toward the big yellow dog, which was not hostile to me.See me slowly approaching, not only did not scream, but shook his head to welcome me.He spat out the tip of his tongue and licked my clothes and the corners of my trousers, leading me into a yard.That could be his owner’s house.For at the gate of the yard I saw the brick nest my master had made for it.His warm body clung to my leg, clinging to the ground.It was july-August, and the nights were already chilly.I couldn’t help hugging my shivering body with fear and cold.I was usually most afraid of dogs, but at that moment, that night of terror, that night of terror, that moonlit hour, I could not think of anything.That big yellow dog became my closest companion, my savior.Just for a moment, next to its warm fur, it helped me ward off the cold.Drive away timid, is it brought me endless warmth and power!After many years, often read that night.I would recite rhubarb as a benefactor…With rhubarb, I forgot about night for a while.The graveyard, the pond, the ghost.Suddenly everything wasn’t so scary.As time passed, I looked forward to the early morning light, so that I could go home safely.(four) the village head sent me home I do not know how long, some of my eyelids fighting, suddenly heard a rush of footsteps.A middle-aged man suddenly stopped at the door in the moonlight.Shouted to me: Who are you?I was so startled by the man’s sudden appearance that I held my breath.Then the man shouted, “Who are you talking to, or I’ll call for a thief?”I stood up quickly from the yellow dog. “No, uncle,” I said in a trembling voice. “I’m not a thief.”Hearing a girl’s voice, the man approached slowly and asked, “If it’s not a thief, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?”At this time, I saw clearly that he was our village head by the dim moonlight.He saw my lips tremble.Stuttering in tone.Then comfort way: “child don’t be afraid, say slowly.”So I told him how I had been called out by my sister to hunt hogweed.Village head after listening to my story, angry blame my elder sister way: “really not sensible, throw you a person here, how dangerous in the middle of the night!He must have gone home to sleep.”After complaining, the village head took my hand and said, “Let’s go!Don’t be afraid, son. I’ll take you home.”As he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered rhubarb.Reluctantly, I reached out and touched its head.Rhubarb, like spirituality, it wagged its head and stood up and licked my fingers with the tip of its tongue.As if he were saying his last goodbye to me!Thank you rhubarb!Thank you for staying with me through the most dangerous times.I muttered to myself, waved gently to Big Huang, and walked out of the yard with the village chief.The village chief talked to me all the way.Maybe it was meant to distract me from my fear.He said: “When I see your fourth sister later, I will slap them first to vent my anger.Ask her why she left you there alone. Doesn’t she know how scared you must be to be alone?”Perhaps to banish my fear, the village chief said angrily as he walked.After a while, the village head took me to our home.It was quiet when I entered the courtyard. My family members were still sleeping in sweet dreams, as if I had been forgotten in some corner of the world.I couldn’t help but feel a sour feeling in my heart.The village chief called to open the door, and out came father.He put on a clothes, sleepily did not ask the village head what matter?Village head angry way: what matter?You don’t even know you lost your baby.My father found me standing behind the village chief.He looked at me and exclaimed, Oh!I don’t know. Out in the middle of the night.Also puzzled to ask me, “you do not sleep at home, midnight a person run out what?”Mr!The head of the village even more angrily blamed: “This is your fourth girl to do a good thing, you little fifth girl alone thrown there, the wilderness of their own.”Then the village head looked around and shouted: four girls, where are your four girls?My father said, “You wait till I get her.”Then he went into the back room and woke the fourth sister.They asked me about the fourth sister, the fourth sister actually sleepy eyes said: “I don’t know, I have been lying down to sleep, no, I did not take her out to the field.”Under the village head repeatedly pressed, she just woke up like a dream in general suddenly realized: “Well, as if to?I looked for her did not see, first came back to sleep “.The village head helped me scold four elder sister, before leaving and asked his father and four elder sister to pay attention to the future.Just relieved to go.Later, father took the fourth sister to see a doctor.The doctor told my father, “This condition probably belongs to nightwatchism, in which she does things in her dreams beyond her wildest dreams.”And when she came back to reality, she didn’t remember…It’s been a long time since I thought of it.Never forget, my most precious childhood memory!By moonlight, hogweed, graveyard, pond, lady in white, rhubarb.It’s like an indelible ink painting carved in my mind.Come up again and again!This work was created on December 30, 2020.5:01 in the morning.