Study in the United States to share artificial intelligence major

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Artificial intelligence, also known as ARTIFICIAL Intelligence (AI), is a comprehensive course including electronic computer, cybernetics, basic information theory, nervous system physiology, psychological knowledge, lexicology, etc.This definition was first clearly put forward at the Darmouston Academic Conference: artificial intelligence is to study how to produce artificial intelligent machines or intelligent control systems from the perspective of computer and application system software to simulate the working ability of people’s intelligent subject activities and extend the science of human intelligence.Application cases: fingerprint verification, facial recognition, retina identification, iris recognition technology, data management system, intelligent search, gaming, etc.Main uses: 1) Intelligent robot industry: artificial intelligence intelligent robot, such as PET dialogue robot, it can understand people’s language expression, use people’s language expression to carry out conversations, and can use special sensors to collect and analyze the situation to adjust their posture to achieve special goals.2) the speech recognition industry, the industry is, in fact has intersection with intelligent robot industry, the use of design is to make the language expression and noise into to carry out the processing of information content: such as video voice open door lock (special speech recognition technology), and its future computer video voice E-mail type level 3) image recognition technology industry such as:The use of software for image processing, profiling and understanding to identify a wide variety of personal and technical objects, such as facial recognition, vehicle license plate recognition, etc.4) data management system: the legitimacy of the evidence and experience of the electronic computer software for intelligent video systems, background management of database query is equivalent to the human brain, with rich and colorful knowledge reserves and use professional knowledge of database query data information and professional knowledge of logic and reasoning to simulation authority to deal with complex problem.Employment direction of ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology majors in the United States: The key employment direction of AI in the United States includes scientific research institutes (intelligent robot laboratory, etc.), hardware and software developers, teachers in colleges and universities, etc.Of course, some new technology enterprises have opened up new research fields, such as Google’s self-driving car, which has good development prospects in China. China’s industrial structure has been upgraded.The transformation and development of IT field, industrial production and product research and development of intelligent robots, service robots and intelligent wearable devices are all obvious network hot spots in the future. It is just 3-5 years later, and it is just the case that students have learned something!1) Search orientation: Baidu Search, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. (including intelligent search, voice input, picture collection, search video, etc., are all future orientation)2) Medical image processing:Many medical devices and medical equipment are involved in image processing and THREE-DIMENSIONAL imaging, large and medium-sized companies have Siemens PLC, GE, Toshiba and so on.3) Machine vision and computer vision orientation: fingerprint verification, facial recognition, iris recognition technology mentioned above.Another big area is vehicle recognition.At this stage, as video surveillance system is a hot topic, tracking and identification is also very good.4) There are also some image processing level professionals such as Via, Konka, SONY, Samsung and so on.Outstanding Schools of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the United States:Leland Stanford Junior University (Leland Stanford Junior University) is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.It is a private research university located in Stanford, California, USA, recognized as one of the best universities in the world.Stanford University, founded in 1891 by Leland Stanford, is located in Palo Alto, Florida, near San Francisco.Founded in 1883, the University of Texas At Austin is the Bishop School district in the University of Texas System software.It is also one of the top universities in Texas, with its main campus less than a mile from the Texas district government headquarters in Austin.The current total enrollment is 49,696(fall 2005 statistics), making it the fifth-largest university in the United States in terms of total elementary and secondary students on a single campus (Fall 2005 statistics).In addition, it still has the reputation of “public Ivy” in the United States.Founded in 1868, the University of California — Berkeley is a public research university in the United States.Located on the top of a hill in Berkeley, San Francisco’s East Bay.The oldest of California’s 10 campuses, Berkeley is one of the most liberal and radical universities in the United States.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a comprehensive private university in the United States.It has the reputation of “the most engineering university in the world”.MIT is located in Melbourne, Massachusetts, separated from the city’s Back Bay by the Charles River.MIT has a critical reputation both in the United States and around the world. It has created many people who have done great harm to the world. It is a leading university of technology and advanced scientific research around the world, and is home to the world’s elite science and engineering professionals.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the most prestigious university of science and engineering in China, and was selected as the candidate for the world Record by The World Record Association of China.Carnegie Mellon University, also known as CMU, is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.It is a world-renowned private top scientific and research university with the top computer school and film school in the United States. Your art school, international Business School, School of Engineering and School of Public Administration are also far ahead in the United States.