Lin Gengxin: unified straight men, straight women aesthetic!The sketch is the appearance of the horizontal ceiling

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Feb. 13 was Lin Gengxin’s 34th birthday. Many fans sent their best wishes for Lin’s birthday. Many fans made birthday videos and GIFs for Lin.Lin Gengxin’s fan group also sorted out a lot of posters and slogans made by other media and friends in the industry for Lin Gengxin…But that’s not what we’re talking about today, but the picture of this promotional poster by Lin Gengxin…Netizens commented that Lin was a bit handsome.Actually?Frankly speaking, if you find Lin Gengshuai now, you are really missing out on a lot of treasure!First, let’s talk about the poster that makes all the netizens feel very handsome. Black suit, white inside, ordinary to ordinary modeling…Can unluckily Lin updates this week to handsome some excessive face, it is really good-looking not good.Legend: as long as Lin Update does not speak, that crazy is us.This is true, before we only noticed Lin Gengxin in the big movie, the proportion of long arms and legs, facial features are strong, god has a style, so he can be hard or soft, sunshine can also be a gentleman modern, multi-dimensional shaping and plasticity let users joke: Lin Gengxin’s figure and temperament have a supermodel feeling.Lin Gengxin’s 186cm height is very popular in the film, but sheng Tu is even more popular.Don’t look at the usual Lin update does not play handsome, it is because he does not have to play handsome enough degree.A photo of Lin Gengxin at the age of 20 without makeup was circulated online a long time ago…You will feel this high paste quality of the facial features, is not angular handsome, comely and fresh, hard style but the kind of pure campus feeling!No wonder rao xuemen chose the book model of the time to Lin Update love at first sight, just ask, Lin Update this face who did not like ah!This is really the level of appearance that god appreciates.As well as mention of Lin Update shengtu appearance level, it is necessary to mention the following several famous scenes: Lin Update, a man who can unify the aesthetic of men and women.Attending the event, Lin Gengxin dressed in a black look, clean and simple in front of everyone.Passing by the side of the male comrades, we say that the eyes of the eldest brothers ah…”He is good handsome” three words have been stuck in the eldest brothers on the forehead!Lin Gengxin’s superior jaw line and this too good profile, is really a little handsome on the body.There are many male entertainers that girls can recognize as handsome, but there are only a few male entertainers that both men and women can recognize as handsome. Lin Gengxin is definitely one of them.In addition to this, there is this GIF of the famous scene: the instant Lin gengxin gets out of the car, his legs are all over the screen.That kind of overbearing president of the lens in his body instant, WE say this face, this figure, this leg, is ordinary people can have it!Lin Gengxin is ridiculously handsome.