Johnson’s top aides are resigning

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The crisis facing Boris Johnson’s government has deepened with the resignation of four senior aides, bloomberg news reported on Tuesday.One of them launched a devastating attack on the prime minister’s judgment.Dan Rosenfeld, the prime minister’s chief of staff, and Martin Reynolds, the principal private secretary, both resigned on Thursday night, following the departure of jack Doyle, the prime minister’s communications director.Perhaps the biggest, though, was munira Mirza’s resignation.Ms. Mirza was one of Mr. Johnson’s most longtime Allies.She resigned as head of Johnson’s policy unit in protest at “offensive” comments he made about his opposition rival Keir Starmer.Johnson is under increasing pressure from Members of his Conservative party to resign over a series of blunders by him and his team over illegal parties during the pandemic, the report said.The resignation of four senior aides at such a critical time has dealt Johnson a blow.The report also said British police were investigating the so-called “partygate” scandal, which has brought Johnson to the brink of death.Polls show support for the Conservatives, as well as his own, plummeting.London, Feb 4 (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson struggled to assert his authority on Friday after senior staff resigned.In 2019, Johnson led the Conservatives to their biggest electoral victory since the Thatcher era, but his chaotic governing style has left him facing his worst crisis since coming to power.Mr Johnson has repeatedly said he will not resign in the wake of the outcry over the affair, although he admitted downing Street had a number of problems to sort out.Munira Mirza, Johnson’s policy director of 14 years, announced her resignation on Thursday, the report said.She was unhappy with some of Mr Johnson’s comments about Labour leader Starmer.Mr Johnson had previously accused Mr Starmer of failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile, a repeat child molester and well-known presenter, when he was attorney-general.Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was also sharply critical of the prime minister’s comments.Starmer responded by calling Johnson’s comments a ludicrous smear that proved he was simply unfit to lead the UK.Mr. Mirza’s resignation came as three other senior aides announced their resignations.Ministers believe the reshuffles could be a sign that Mr Johnson is trying to “get a grip” on problems inside Downing Street.Asked about the situation in Downing Street, Energy Minister Greg Hands said: “There are resignations offered and resignations approved.””The prime minister is on top of the situation,” he said.Hugh Merriman, a Conservative MP, said that if a prime minister was out of control, he should go. “I’m very uncomfortable with the situation,” he said.He added that many Conservative voters were angry and upset by recent events at the top of the Government.While opposition parties and many conservative lawmakers have called for Johnson’s resignation, there are also concerns that a change of leadership in Britain at this point could leave the West vulnerable in dealing with the Ukraine crisis, the report said.Britain’s inflation rate is soaring at its fastest pace in 30 years and anger at the government is likely to intensify ahead of local elections in May.Johnson’s main challengers within the Conservative Party are Finance minister Surnak, 41, and foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, 46.Under Conservative party rules, a challenge to the prime minister’s position would require 15 per cent of the total number of Tory MPS to write to the party’s 1922 committee calling for a vote of no confidence, the report said.The committee represents members of the party who have not held government positions.The Conservatives currently have 360 MPS, so at least 54 would be needed to send a letter calling for a vote of no confidence.Some Conservative MPS have been vocal in their displeasure with Mr Johnson.Some publicly said they had filed letters, while others did so on the condition of anonymity.Because the letters are classified, only Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, knows how many people wrote them.Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, reportedly survived a vote of no confidence in her party in December 2018.The vote was held on the day the chairman of the 1922 Committee announced that sufficient letters had been received.