High score composition “redemption”, “wild is a light, it illuminates me”, teacher: dozen full marks

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Guide language: as the development of The Times, the novel also appeared more and more subject matter, a few years before the fire through the novel, supernatural novel and so on, these years the rise of the original fill novel, this kind of novel attracted numerous readers to read.Among them, there is such a novel called “Wild”, can be said to be widely loved.The novel mainly tells the story of two teenagers redeeming each other, and readers are moved by it.Many primary and middle school students even want to quote their stories in the composition after reading them. For example, in the composition titled “The Story of Jiang Cheng and I”, they quote the protagonist of the novel and write their favorite novel in the composition.High score composition “salvation”, “wild is a light, it illumines me”, teacher: give full marks to see here, many people feel that this is very inappropriate, the original indulge novel does not conform to the mainstream culture, such content is written into the composition, how can the composition get high marks?Try not to write aimlessly in your essay unless you are prepared for a low score.But that doesn’t stop people from quoting this kind of story in their articles. So far, there are quite a few such stories, such as the following ones, which are typical examples.The following article called “salvation”, this paper is novel “run”, if you only look at the beginning, articles and readability, but it’s not hard to see, after reading through thesis still has some shortcomings, is one of the main article no KouTi, no have been around the center, this is a big flaw of the composition.Writing a composition must find the right center, highlight the theme, the whole article closely around the theme to write, or it will not be compact, or even suspected of digression.This article fails to do just that, and it is very difficult to get high marks for such an article.The following article is called “have you, good”, this article compared with the last is good, this article does not have gorgeous language, statement expression is very simple, but has rich and delicate feelings, the beginning of the composition through their own things to introduce the theme, write “Wild” hero’s influence on their own, to their own incentive.It is good to have you in my life. It is good to have you in my life. It is good to have you.The composition of the following is directly to the “run” journal entry, the framework of article is very clear, cut to the chase after feeling very ripe in finished reading the novel, concise words expressed their ideas, then, from the perspective of the life, do what they read and actual unifies, not only in the novel content level, finally summarizes the sublimation, this thesis more conform to the requirements of the writing,Plus more beautiful speech expression, can be regarded as an excellent composition.Next this paper entitled “let run youth”, this article not only refer to the “run” the novel, but also refer to the novel “the strong winds blowing,” this article writing is concise, but writing is very good, beautiful statement is also rich in connotation, and with practice, summed up the reason: in the face of youth, to have been running toward the light, very vibrant and infectious.Therefore, this essay also got full marks.The rest of the paper entitled “salvation”, the author revolves around “run” the novel as a whole, and the author write a beautiful statements, between the lines reveal the true feelings, the composition is not reality to write, but wrote the novel the hero of his own, and reality closely, compact structure, always around a topic to write,This junior high school composition can be called excellent composition, such an article deserves full marks.As for the composition mentioned above, the author did not send out the specific content of the composition, but he said that the score was quite high.Although most people feel that it is inappropriate to include the original novel in the composition, there are different opinions on both sides of the issue.But there are a lot of high score compositions listed here, it is not difficult to see that there are no strict rules that say this kind of novel can not be included in the composition, more important is the frame structure of the article, emotional expression, language expression and so on.For this kind of article, inevitably some teachers have not seen, the teachers can only feel through the composition, at this time, if the composition is clear, the result is compact, the center is clear, coupled with more beautiful statements, at the same time contact real life, express their true feelings, the high score is not said to come.If these conditions are not met, try to avoid such niche compositions.No matter in which grade, Chinese scores have occupied an important part, in which the composition is the top priority of Chinese, it can be seen that writing a good composition is very important.So, what are the tips for writing a good composition?First of all, the paper title should be short and concise, to summarize the content of the full text.Secondly, get straight to the point, remember not to be subtle, direct point out the theme, so that the marking teacher is very clear.Finally, be sure to disentrench the topic in the last paragraph.These three points must be done in the framework, and it is important to keep them in mind.